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How to Write an Effective Cold E-mail

In the lead generation process, cold e-mailing is one of the best-known strategies. The most significant advantage of communication via e-mail between brands and customers is the fact that this channel has already gathered 3.8 billion users. (Source: Radicati.com) This means that you can reach… almost everyone in the world

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How to run a Re-Engagement Campaign and get Amazing Results

re-engagement campaign

Building and maintaining a healthy subscriber base is tough, especially since many subscribers become ‘passive’ or completely disengaged over time. They simply stop opening your emails and reading your content. And if more of your subscribers become disengaged, your emails either won’t be delivered or will end up in the

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How to Build a Prospect List for Sales

There was a time I thought that the sales would come easily but they didn’t. I started a blog. Got some traffic… …and expected sales to start pouring in. We did get a few paying customers — but it was not nearly enough. Is it ever enough!!! So I started

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The Modern Day Definition and Approach to Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is the old style of marketing we should ignore, correct? That’s what the inbound marketers will say to you! But that’s far from the truth. Look: The reality is that you need both inbound and outbound marketing tactics to grow your business. Let’s explore! Outbound marketing definition and

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How to Find Influencers with a Framework for Measuring Influence

Looking to find influencers in your niche to help grow your traffic and influence and generate more leads? Or understand how to measure influence? Both of these are challenging topics and in this article, we’re going to provide a lot of help for you in these areas. Influencer marketing is

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A step by step guide to Guest Posting

Wondering if guest blogging is really worth the effort? I know the feeling. When I started my other company (RazorSocial) I wondered the exact same thing. It was difficult because I was busy creating content on my own site and then I had to create content for other people’s sites.

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