CircleBack offers the technologies you need to thrive in values connections like a partner, a mentor, a customer while still having the time and freedom to move forward and get stuff done. They are focused on keeping contact data up-to-date.

Equip your team or customers with the tools they need to build and maintain meaningful connections more efficiently. Using proprietary data engine, CircleBack discovers when important connection details change and surface new contact info to help keep connections alive. Capture the email signatures of people whose email you haven’t yet added to your address book and scan business cards and add contacts immediately using their powerful OCR card scanner

They have a free plan where you will receive 100 people appends, 50 company appends, 100 email captures, and 100 business card scans each month. For more, they don’t have a fixed pricing listed, but you can reach out to them to get one tailored to your business.

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