How Automated Video Personalization Can Enhance Your Email Reply Rates In 2020?

How do you watch a brand’s video?

What do you expect from it?

The answer is simple. A way to connect with a brand. 

Have you noticed that there are thousands of brands today present in the market and almost every brand uses the medium of video marketing

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1. Why does your business need to increase video usage in your emails?

2. Why your videos need to be more ‘Personalized’?

3. How to create personalized videos to receive better email reply rates in 2020?

4. How Automated Video Personalization enhance your email reply rates faster? 

Despite this, you still scroll away from such videos. What is the reason for your action?

The most common reasons are losing interest and not being able to connect with the brand.

The latter matters because when a prospect can’t even relate to a 1-minute video, that is when you know your brand has just lost a valuable lead.

‘’When asked to prioritize one capability that will be most important to marketing in the future, 33% of marketers answered: “personalization.”  You are aware that for you to connect to a prospect, you send out multiple emails, create sets of email campaigns. How much are you happy with the responses?

‘’54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.’’ Imagine what would happen when you add a small brief of videos in every email you send to your prospects? Wyzowl proves, ‘’nearly eight out of every ten users have purchased a piece of software or app after having watched the brand’s video.’’

You are living in 2020, you are conducting your business on such a medium where it takes a minimum second to convince your prospects to link back to you. With the competition growing tougher and bigger, it is wise to include efficient videos in your sales strategies that are sending out emails.

‘’320% more revenue is driven from automated emails than non-automated emails’’  Imagine what would happen when you drop in a video?

Automated Video Personalization

Source: Score

Understanding this, this article will be your guide in helping you understand why you need to use videos in your emails and why an automated option is much better.

Let’s get you started.

Why does your business need to increase video usage in your emails?

Automated Video Personalization
Automated Video Personalization

Source: Clutch

1. Attracts multiple attention

This is true, imagine you scrolling down a social media handle and you suddenly see a video that captures your attention. There are so many times when this situation has erupted in your online activities which is the reason why your brand needs to start with video creation.

Do you know why videos receive great attention?

They have the right colours that entice a user, they have a good number of visuals that are pleasing to see and also they are shorter in length. Who wouldn’t like to view a video which has a shorter time period and manages to explain the agenda of its existence? 

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Videos are great when added with emails as when a prospect reads your emails and sees a link that can explain about your brand, they would skip the small content mentioned and head towards a faster medium of information learning.

In the end, you compel prospects to get to you.

2. Increases purchasing chances

Yes, you heard that right. There have been many instances where a video was able to convince prospects to buy from a brand. ‘’73% of consumers claim that they have been influenced by a brand’s social media presence when making a purchasing decision.’’ For instance, say you sell email marketing software to the top developers. 

In order to grasp their attention better, you create a video where you explain the following factors:

1 . Why they need your brand solution? 

2. What issues your solution tackles?

3. Why your brand’s solution is better than your competitors?

4. How has your brand solved their problems with the solution you are selling to them?

When the above questions have been answered in your videos, the chances are your prospects will be sold. In the video, you were not just selling your solution, you were giving all the reasons why a prospect should invest in your brand. You were giving examples of their issues and how well your solution resolved it.

This is a great way to connect with your prospects and as it is said always when you connect with your prospects, that is when they will want to get to you more.  

3. Receive more click rates

When you send an email, the common issue many brands encounter is that the click rates to your website are very less. The reason could be multiple such as maybe the email hasn’t convinced your prospects well, you have caught your prospects at the wrong time and much more.

If this continues to happen then your click rates drawn to become lesser. Don’t let this happen to use and instead focus on placing more videos with every email you send. For instance, say you have included a video, you can place a statement in the email saying that, ‘why don’t you learn more about our brand/solution through this 60-second video?’

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Everyone has time for a 60-second video and that will make your prospects click on the video link, view it and revert to you. The main focus here is to increase your email click-through rates and the best way to do is through a solution that can convince your prospects to understand all about you in a visual form. 

4. Easier to grasp information

‘’98% of users say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.’’ That is the easiest way actually. Nobody wants to read long explanations or information. In fact, many of your prospects would click on videos more because in videos it becomes easier to understand the objective of its existence.

With images and small texts, it helps prospects to retain the information. Visuals play a great role as it helps in remembering certain factors for instance tomorrow if your prospects hear about a familiar word they saw from the video, they will be able to connect to it instantly. Videos are great to explain about various information ad it is easy, convenient and not time-consuming. 

5. Helps to connect emotionally 

Another reason to include videos in your emails is that it helps to connect better with your prospects. For instance, when you share a video where you are resolving an issue of what your prospects are facing each day, you are convincing them that you care about their issues too and are offering them a reliable solution that they can depend on. 

This enlightens the trust factor and helps prospects to give it a chance to see what your solution us all about. When such an action happens on repeat, you are winning your prospects towards the emotional side. You are solving their queries which they have been waiting to be resolved. Connecting with prospects via videos on a platform such as emails spark s a good bond of trust and reliability. 

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Do you know what else can make your video creation better?

When you add a pinch of real touch. Personalizing your videos not only increase trust, it lets your prospects understand that you are engaging with them, not just for the purpose of selling but to help them find their needs with utmost priority.

Why your videos need to be more ‘Personalized’?

Automated Video Personalization

1. Makes you different from the crowd

Everyone is conducting videos and creating more of them but do you know how you can be different from them? By creating more personalized ones. Personalized videos are necessary. When the business world is going digital and every activity is being conducted via technological measures, the one thing that needs to remain constant is the way you engage with your prospects.

Even using such techniques such as email marketing, you need to find a way where you are able to convince your prospects that you are here to hear them out. The best way to do is by creating videos that speak more about why your brand wants to help them. 

2. Increases higher email open rates

There are thousands of emails that your prospects receive each day. When they realize that it is another sales email, they won’t; bother to read it, they would simply delete it or leave it unread. This shouldn’t happen as you are spending a lot of time on your email campaigns, you need to get it right by including all the ingredients needed to make your email be opened by your prospects.

The best way to do it is through videos. When you include videos, you hold a pause time on behalf of your prospects. Even though they might not be convinced with a few texts when they see a video which bein attached, they will be bound to see what it is all about. 

3. Increases good engagement

You have placed a personalized video in your emails. In that video you have mentioned why your brand has such a solution, what problems are solved with your prospects and why do you believe your solution is better for them. When your prospects view such videos, their next action would be to enquire about it

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There are chances of them reverting to your email and thus this is when a conversation sparks. Here is when a healthy engagement is bound to form. With curiosity in their minds, the engagement with them and you will start to form where you will be solving their queries and their trust will be framed accordingly. 

4. Creates a positive impression on your brand

Another reason to conduct personalized videos is that they give you the ability to create an impression. You are aware that there are so many brands today that are focused on selling their solution via video format, but how many of these such videos are personalized?

See it in this way, when you create a video, especially a personalized one, this is what you will be conveying to your prospects:

1 . A brand that understands their needs

2. A brand whose main focus is on helping prospects rather than just selling

3. A brand who wants to make the life easier of a prospects

So when you are able to conduct the above action, what does it say of your brand? What is the impression that you are earning?

Your answer is what will define your brand.

5. Frames stronger relationships

The concept is similar. How do you react when someone understands your needs and finds you a solution that fits your requirements? You tend to start developing trust with that person and give them a chance. Your bond with that person deepens as well because they are able to speak the language you want to be spoken in.

This works with personalized videos as well. When you create personalized videos you are creating a bond between you and your prospects. You are telling them that you are here to help, you are conducting such action because you want to help them, this video and the contents in it are genuine and realistic. 

Marketers see an average increase of 20% in sales when using personalized experiences. 

Personalized videos matter and there is a great way to conduct such an action.

How to create personalized videos to receive better email reply rates in 2020?

1. Understand what type of video you want to create, whether it will be more visual or more towards the text side.

2. Create a plan to understand what you want users to do after they see the video. Ensure that you are able to create the video context accordingly. Frame the video in such a way where prospects are compelled to reach out to you.

3. Once you are aware of the topic, your next step should be how do you plan to add your touch in it. How personalized are you going to create it, what are the factors that you will include to emotionally connect with your prospects and above all create an impression for your prospects to believe about your brand.

4. Once set with the requirements, start the script. How would your video layout be, what visuals will be used, when will the text appear, what text will you mention and above all how should the video look in terms of colour, font text, size and more.

5. Once cleared with everything, your final step would be to bring your thoughts into action. Check every text for any grammatical errors, use only high-quality images. Make the video attractive and easy to understand.

Did you know that sending emails manually can be done but it slows down the process?

There will be multiple prospects you have to send it to which is why it is necessary for you to conduct such an action in an automated format.

Automation is the solution to the repetitive tasks that need your attention. Be wise and conduct your actions smartly.

How Automated Video Personalization enhance your email reply rates faster? 

Automated Video Personalization

1. Increases productive levels

Yes, with continuous automation, you don’t have to worry about any mistakes.  You have to create multiple videos and send the same via email, conducting this manually can be tiresome hence it is wiser to automate this process so that while automation is taking care of this process, you can continue to focus on other relevant things.

With automation, you can keep a track of what’s happening with your email campaigns and how many people are responding to your videos being created. You can then enhance and work on your video creation much better. 

2. Let’s you function better

So now when you know that a few of your videos are not receiving the clicks you expected, your next step would be to avoid them. This is helpful as it saves your time to create such videos. Instead, you can focus on you rother videos which have been clicked to view and create similar videos like them. This is a great opportunity for the brand as you will now be working on videos which are bound t give you what the results your expecting.

With automation, you get all the information with just one click. Automation continues consistently so with the reports being drawn out, you will be able to take actions accordingly.

3.  Let’s you take immediate actions

Another great thing about automation is that say you have sent out 3 emails with efficient videos explaining about your brand and you have received a good response in return. With the analytics, you will be able to identify that and immediately get your next action running. With such a procedure you will be to quickly tap your prospects, nurture them and convert them to become a sales lead. 

4. Opens room to good quality deliverance

When you have a solution that automates your process of engaging with potential prospects on a continuous level, there is no room for errors. With automation, videos are sent accordingly and so are the emails. With automation, it follows the instructions being prescribed to it. There is no worry or second doubt about such situations. 

The quality will face no hindrance and all your band needs to worry about is how it can enhance the automation processes better. 

The Bottom Line…

‘’82 percent of the global internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads.’’

Video marketing is considered to be one of the best ways to outsell email marketing better than your competitors. 

Automated Video Personalization

Source: Hubspot

When you are working on creating personalized video marketing, why shouldn’t you enhance your emails as well? Make your emails more personalized just like your videos by investing in a good email marketing software.

What did you think of this article? What video are you planning to create for your brand?

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