Best Tips To Make Your Automated Emails Look 100% Manually Typed

If you’re into sales or have a sales job, the effect of emails and email marketing on the general class of consumers is perhaps common knowledge to you. However, there is a catch. 

Since many businesses are warming up to the idea of engaging in email marketing for their consumers and target audiences, not a lot of people do it right. Hence, to be different from the crowd, you just have to do one simple thing right.

For emails that do not require a disseminate informative response, you can use a do not reply email template to save your time and energy. However, when it comes to making your automated emails look 1–%, type it manually.

Make your emails look and feel personalized. 

That means that your emails should not look automated. Automated emails do not solicit the same positive response as a hand-typed, personalized email does.

If people look at your email and get the feeling that a real person manually types it, it is said that the chance of them replying or engaging with your email increases by 250%. Now that’s some significant improvement right there. 

We understand that it is not feasible at all to type all emails by hand. That is not only inefficient but also very hectic. So, for emails that do not require a proper guiding response, you can definitely use a do not reply email template. Moreover, there are certain tips that you need to incorporate in your automated emails to make them look manually typed. 

That’s what this article is about. 

In this article, we share some tips that will make your email look hand-typed and manually written by a human being, rather than one of the hundreds of thousands of emails that your AI or computer sends every day. For emails that do not require solving a query, you can definitely use a do not reply email template, whereas for other concerns, follow the below tips.

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Tips to make your automated emails look manually typed

1 . Keep it short, crisp and personal

2. Upload a picture on your email avatar

3. Use your email ID to send emails, rather than third party services

4. Ensure email reaches the primary inbox

5. Use plain text in email body

6. Disable open pixel tracking

Here are some tips to get you started on the path of complete email marketing success:

Tips To Make Your Automated Emails Look Manually Typed

1 . Keep it short, crisp and personal

One of the best ways to make your email engaging and interactive (like other manually typed emails) is to make it personal and give it the customized touch. Please do not use the do not reply email template here. Feel free to use whatever information you have on the person receiving the email. Their name, for instance.

Using the prospect’s name in the email makes it infinitely more personal for the person reading it. It also gives the recipient the feeling that the email is crafted for them, especially.

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Ending the entire thing with an open-ended question might be a smart move too. You may also structure your sentences so that they end with you, suggesting the prospect to take action.

You can also include links for relevant information, pictures, and videos. However, make sure the email looks clean. Do not clutter, and if you are using a do not reply email template make sure that it is customized as you respond.

2. Upload a picture on your email avatar

Popular email hosts like Gmail, Outlook, and other email clients support your avatar’s display next to the email on the recipient’s inbox. Since the avatar column remains empty by default for many automated emails, your prospect might not be inclined to open it if it looks exactly like other emails in their inbox.

Ensure that the avatar you choose is not too basic like a solid color, and not too complicated as too incomprehensible either. You must find the middle ground; that’s the trick here. You must make sure that your avatar is comprehensible in the small icon-size square.

3. Use your email account to send emails rather than using a third-party email marketing services

Using third-party email marketing services or using a do not reply email template might have its benefits, but their emails stand out in the prospect’s inbox like a sore thumb. Adding a personal touch means everything here. Hence, you need to send your emails from your primary email address.

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Secondly, emails from marketing services often end up in the Promotions or Updates tab in the prospects’ inbox. That makes it too clear that the email you have received is automated; that is kind of a do not reply email template

Doing this not only makes you end up in their Focused or Primary inbox but also increases the chances of them actually opening and reading it.

4. Ensure that your email reaches the Focused or Primary inbox

A good email, marketing or otherwise, ends up in the recipient’s Primary inbox instead of Spam, Updates, or Promotional tabs. People hardly ever read their emails from these sections. If your emails regularly end up here, there are high chances that they get deleted without ever being read.

Hence, to establish a firm chance of your prospects seeing your email, you must make sure it ends up in the Focused or Primary sections of the inbox. You can do this by making a test account and sending an email there from your corporate address to see where it ends up.

5. Use plain text in the email body

The best way to give the impression that your email is manually typed is to use the correct font. It isn’t rocket science. The best font is a simple one. Using plain text to write your email will go a long way to convince your prospect that the email is not automated.

While HTML and other fancy styles and fonts may look good, they instantly give you away. At first glance, the customer is convinced that it is yet another automated email that they have been sent.

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6. Disable open tracking pixel

Disabling tracking pixels will ensure that the images you attach to your email are displayed when the recipient opens it. Promotional emails have images attached to them that don’t even open in the receiver’s version. 

Although the reasons for this statistic are not clear, it is seen that there exists a 10-15% larger reply rate on emails that have open tracking pixels disabled.


Email marketing is one of the most fundamental ways of marketing your product and/or your brand. However, you must keep these aforementioned tips in mind before you start rolling your emails out to the prospects. 

Remember, success lies in the details. Once you get these little things right, your prospect and lead conversion rates are guaranteed to boom. Good luck!

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