Automate Sales Outreach: B2B Sales Hacks That Will Save You So Much Time!

‘’30-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.’’

This is exactly why your current sales actions matter. Sales is not an easy job, in fact, it gets better only when you are able to convince your prospects that your solution is the best investment for them. Your business must automate sales outreach to improve conversions.

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But sales isn’t just about selling directly, for you to contact one prospect the amount of effort required to investigate such potential prospects shouldn’t be ignored. 

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Right from researching about them to engaging with them and drawing their interest towards your solution, all of these activities need to be conducted so that identifying the right audience and reaching out to them would make your sales process easy.

However, such actions can’t be done manually. The reason being such tasks consume much of your time, for instance engaging with your prospects continuously takes up a long time period hence contacting your potential leads from your list wouldn’t be easily catered to.

Such issues can be a problem as it could affect your brand’s sales figures as well as conversion rates. To avoid this, it is important to conduct your current sales activities in a wise manner which is exactly what this article will guide you on.

Follow the top B2B hacks that will help you conduct your sales activities in a lesser time frame than what you’re doing currently and also in an efficient manner. See how to automate sales outreach and reap rewards.

Let’s get you selling the right way.

Automation Benefits for Sales processes

1. Increase in productivity

With automation, there is a process that speeds up your work. So what happens is say you want to send multiple campaigns to your prospect on a daily basis, instead of you doing it manually, the automation tactic will work in this case. It will ensure that all campaigns are sent on time and to the right prospects. While it takes care of this task, it gives you the freedom to confidently trust in it and focuses your attention on other relevant tasks. 

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2. No room for mistake

Automation is conducted without any mistakes because it conducts the work you’ve assigned it to do. For instance, when you have to send out certain emails for nurturing a few of your prospects it ensures that this task is conducted the way it should be. 

3. Focus on other work

There will be multiple tasks for you to accomplish on your plate. In this case, if you focus only on completing the repetitive tasks, it will slow down your work as well as keep you behind on your workflow. Eliminate this from happening by indulging ina automation. While automation will ensure that your repetitive tasks are being taken care of, your focus on other relevant tasks will be easy to cater to. 

4. Stable prospect engagement process

Not all your prospects will be convinced to invest in your solution. Hence it is important that for each of your prospects whether they are hot leads, warm leads or cold leads, they should all be catered accordingly. Here is when automation plates an efficient role. With automation, you can send out emails to such different leads according to their status so that they can be catered efficiently.

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For insurance, for cold leads, you can conduct automation processes to continue nurturing them and convincing them to become warm leads and invest in your solution. 

Automation can speed up your sales process and help you to grow better in your workflow. 

How can you conduct such actions?

Let’s get your straight to the answer.

Top 5 B2B Sales hacks that help automate sales outreach in 2020

1. Send automated personalized emails

Each of your prospects has different needs and if you are going to send a standard email saying your solution can help them, your prospects might not really understand how you can help them. Sending emails is what you conduct on a regular basis but did you know that sending personalized emails can add more value?

‘’Email personalization can increase your reply rate by 100%.’’ Sending personalized emails give your prospects the impression that you have created such an email for the purpose of helping them and not just because you want to conduct sales. Personalized emails add the effect of a personal touch which lacks in a generic email.

But the list of your prospect would be huge, how can you be able to send them all a personalized message. Here is when investing in an email marketing software will help. The automated process will help to create personalized emails that will ensure that you receive the necessary clicks needed and your reply rates increase higher. 

2. Automate prospect information

You need to identify who your target audience is which will be huge in numbers. There are many leads who will be visiting your website to learn about your brand and also you would be reaching out to multiple of your target audiences to learn about them and cater to their needs. But not everything mentioned online will be seen to you.

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For instance, not everyone would upload their contact number and email address on their social profile, in this case sending them a direct message may not help. Hence using tools such as Skrapp, Lead leaper and more similar tools can help you to grasp the email addresses of such prospects. 

All you need to do is head on the prospect’s profile, click on the tool which captures the email address of the prospects and the result will show. You can then cater to them. This action will help speed up your engagement process with your prospects since you have reached out to them quickly.

3. Automate Social media engagement

Your social presence is necessary because that is a good way of engaging with prospects in 2020. The more social you are the better are your chances of grasping their attention. But with so many prospects visiting your social media handle, did you know that if you can stop and grab their attention, it could earn you bonus points of engaging with them?

For instance, say a prospect has viewed your page or liked it, you can send them an instant message and start communicating with thyme. With automation, this process is easier. The minute they land on your social media handle, the automated message will be received by them. You can then continue to chat with them during the course of the conversation and convince them to explore your solutions better. 

The founder of Salesflare is an example of it. Mr. Jeroen uses the automated message to capture the attention of its prospects and then starts engaging with them to add the human touch.

Automate Sales Outreach

Source: Salesflare 

Apart from the automated processes mentioned above, you can also make use of the following:

1. Google Alerts

2. Google Trends

3. Google News

The ones listed above can all help you receive notifications about what is happening. For instance, with Google Alerts you can set alerts for any of your prospects so that catering to them can be done easily.

With Google trends, you always stay updated on what’s trending in your industry. This will help frame a good impression of you by your prospects about how keen you are of the market. 

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With Google News, always stay up to date about the latest news surrounding your solution and the market so that when selling to your prospects, the facts help create a good impression when communicating. 

The Bottom Line…

Sales is growing and with the unique solutions being presented in the market one such is automation, the process of sales has grown to become much more refined, convenient and effective.

For instance, in sales sending cold emails is considered to be an effective manner of capturing prospects. ‘’Targeted cold emails result in a higher open rate than average.’’ The unique solutions to enhance cold emails are investing in email marketing softwares that can help your brand to create personalized emails much better as well as provide you with all the insights required to help you conduct email activities on a larger scale.

Conduct your sales actions well with the hacks provided above to yield better prospects which can upscale your brand better in 2020.

So, tell us which hack are you planning to apply first? How will you automate sales outreach for your company? We would like to hear your opinions on the same.

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