7 Tips to Grow Your Small Business Through Cold Emails

With the onset of new technology and ways of contact, you might be of the opinion that no one really uses emails to run their businesses anymore, and that they’re only used in very specific circumstances. Well, that’s where you’re misinformed. Emails are still a great way for you to make contact and grow your business, especially if it’s a small one. Cold emails, if mastered and used well, can help you further your opportunities and your clientele.

What is a Cold Email?

When you focus an email upon the content of receiving a business opportunity, a favour or a business sale that is sent out to a person that you haven’t been in prior contact with is called a cold email. These emails need not be only for the purpose of a business sale, but can have other reasons also.

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So for example, when marketing companies send emails for publicity or when salespeople send emails regarding products to unknown individuals or on the most basic level, even when a student sends an email to a company asking for internships prospects: all these are cold emails that you may come across in your daily life.

Why do you require the usage of a cold email?

There are two main reasons why cold emails are still important:

1 . Networking: A cold email helps you reach out to people that may be in the unknown about your product or business. They may be in the need of your product or business but may not know that what they need already exists. For this, a cold email would effectively communicate to them the existence of your product and business. Through cold emails, you can largely grow your reach out scale which will immensely help you in marketing your business.

2 . Leads: A cold email helps generate sales prospects. And when a lead arises from such an email, it befalls the seller to work upon this lead to get the process to the sale stage. A good cold email will help in generating the lead that you may need to further your sales.

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However, you must consider its downsides also. People often find cold emails to be spam or just plain annoying. Feeling this way might concretely dissuade them from ever considering your product in the future. For this, you can use methods of avoidance such as adding an unsubscribe option at the end or a button that allows them to not receive such emails anymore. In this way, you can save yourself from a disaster. It’s easy to add an unsubscribe option. 

Here are 7 important tips that you can use to grow your business through cold emails.

1 . An online persona

A persona is important for you to target the right kind of prospects in order to grow your business. Depending upon the kind of business you’re running, you can create a persona that will appeal to the people in the very same field of business. This will help you get their attention and will help you establish authenticity. Marketing requires the right kind of strategy, so when you know what kind of prospects you’re aiming, it will be easy for you to build your persona around it. You can consult with many marketing services in order to take help in creating the attitude that will represent your business in your emails.

There are ten basic components to creating an online business persona:

1 . Have a name. This will help establish you as a real person that the customers are conversing with.

2. Give the persona a background regarding their personal aspects and their professional life. Information like this will help establish credibility.

3. Mention the persona’s demographics such as gender, age, ethnicity, education and other such aspects. Different personas with different demographics will help appeal to different customer groups.

 4. Make a note of the goals of your persona, whether they are personal or professional.

5. Make sure to establish ‘I need…’ and ‘I want…’ statements clearly.

6. Note the concerns and vulnerabilities of your buyer persona, this will help establish them as a real individual.

7. Create a track of buying behaviour that has been experienced in the past. To what effect is your persona being effective?

8. Describe the work and/or the personal environment of your persona. What helps them work? What distracts or disturbs them?

9. Note a quote that sums their personality up the best.

10. A photograph will greatly help in pushing your persona forward

Using these components will help you create the right persona that will help you in sales.

2 . A small investment

Because emails form an important part of helping your business function, you will have to be sending many of these in a day. Creating emails manually will slow down your speed and the number of emails you can write in one day.

However, if you were to invest in a tool or a software that can help you write these emails according to the code that you provide it with, it will speed your process up and will carry most of your workload. It is only your supervision and a little bit of investment that you will require to put in.

3 . The effective emails

Catching the attention of the company through your emails is important. So how you write them and present your offer in them is important since it will help you seal the deal. For this, you will have to more or less master the art of writing the right emails. Focus on things like the subject of your email, the details of your company, your signature, and the artful way in which you present your content.

These are what will make the receiver of the email read your email until the end and consider it. There are several tips that you can use in order to learn the art of writing emails. Just look them up and you will find that they’re not so hard to utilize.

The right email can be materialized through just the ten writing tips below:

1 . Your Subject must be meaningful and eye-catching

2. The content of your email should be to-the-point and precise

3. Stray away from attachments

4. Be sure to make yourself known properly in the email

5. Explain your work background humbly and keep the tone of the email kind

6. Do not forget to proofread

7 . Never believe that your email can only be viewed privately by one person

8. Make a clear distinction between informal and formal circumstances

9. When you receive a reply, be prompt in responding to it

10. Reflect respect for the organisation or person that you’re writing to in your email

Simply following these above ten email writing tips will help you focus upon writing the effective email which will help you persuade your customers.

4 . Create organized email lists

General blast emails are no longer the way to go. Customers demand more personalization these days. This is what will make them feel like you care and that you see them. For this, effectively creating email lists can be of great help. Divide your sender’s list into a number of lists according to the email that they are to receive.

For example, a list for those being informed of a purchase, a list for those receiving a confirmation email and such. This will shed off the tone of being an automatically generated computer tone from your email.

You can use email personalisation tools for organising your lists and personalizing your emails. However, there are a few things to look out for when you are hunting for the right kind of email personalisation tool:

Management of contacts and organisation of email lists

When you are done with outreach to people, your work does not stop there. For efficiency you need to organize your contacts and then be able to send the right kind of messages to the right kind of people. This requires a lot of work. So the right kind of email personalisation tool will help you with such management and organisation.

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Managing outreach

Managing outreach is very important and it comes into play once you have finished managing the people. For good outreach management, there are a few features that you could use, for example, drip emailing. The right kind of email personalisation tool will help you with good outreach and have some good features for it. Using the right kind of tool with the right kind of this feature, will help in your outreach being prominent and effective.

Follow-ups that are automated

No matter what, follow-ups are important. You must have the right kind of email tool that will follow-up with the different kind of emails. The emails will differ according to whether the person has opened the email or not, whether a person has opened yet not responded, or to people who have done either. Having a tool with an automatic follow-up strategy will help you in simplifying your work and in speeding up the process.

Data that shows recipient engagement

Tracking the response to your outreach is always important. It helps you in improving your methods in the future. Having ‘open rates’ and ‘response rates’ will help you in gathering the required data. The tool which has a feature of collecting both the open rates and response rates will also generate the data regarding response and the various reasons for each. You can then assess this data for yourself in order to improve your performance and hike up your business prospects.

5. Follow up

A diligent follow-up is important to improve the potential of your business. When you follow up with a customer, you will not only be presenting them with space to revisit your business once again, but will also remind them of the great service that you have provided them with. This will allow them to use your business once again.

Following up will also help remind the customer that you are in their service and that you really listen to their needs. Sending follow-up emails will help check up on them and even persuade them to indulging in your business.

6 . Quantity vs. Quality

Even if you may feel like quantity matters more than quality, believe otherwise. When the quality of your email is good and striking, you need not send anymore since that one email will suffice in doing the deed. When you put out great and persuasive content that appeals to your customer, they need not be blasted with anymore emails to be convinced.

In fact, sending them numerous emails may dissuade them from using your business further. Which is why, it is important for you to concentrate more on the quality of your emails rather than on the quantity.

7 . Keep a check on progress

Per campaign, it is important that you plot your progress. This will help you improve in your methods and in certain areas for your next campaign. Keeping a track of your progress can be done easily through graphs or sheets that you can create without an effort. This is an effective business method that will help you improve with each new campaign. Therefore, it is important that you track your success and analyse it to find out your shortcomings and improve upon them in the future.

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Cold emails often, are perceived to fail because of the lack of prior contact with the person and feedback that is non-verbal, therefore, you cannot help with real time changes. But the fact that they fail is not always true, not if you do not want it to be. The art of mastering cold emails will help you effectively run your business around these emails.

No matter what, emails are still a great way for you to establish contact with your clients. Following the given tips will help you learn and understand how you can turn a small strategy of that of a cold email into one that is impactful and contributing of creating a much greater prospect for your business. So keep writing the emails, using these simple strategies and see your small business flourish.

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