7 Tips To Boost Your Sales In 2020

Sales, the most difficult yet effective process for a brand to capture potential leads. It does take a lot of effort to boost your sales effectively.

The sales process has introduced various methods such as telemarketing, cold calls, cold emails, social selling and more. Today brands are working on numerous such platforms so that identifying their ideal audience and converting them into a sales lead takes place quicker.

Living in 2020 where the market keeps fluctuating, for a brand to successfully accomplish its selling strategies, walking in the right way of sales in the current scenario matters.

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1 . Why does your brand need to enhance its sales strategies better?

2. 7 tips to boost your brand’s sales in 2020

For instance, today more cold emails and cold calls are given utmost preference, even selling via social media has given a good impact on multiple brands. When a brand like yours is able to sell using such popular sales methods, there are chances for you to receive a good conversion rate.

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Understanding that, this article provides you the top 7 ways where your brand can work on enhancing the sales performance better. Always remember the better your sales performance are, the higher are your chances for brilliant brand growth.

But before we can get to the main section of the article as described above, let’s first enhance your understanding on why you need to boost your sales in the first place.

Why does your brand need to enhance its sales strategies better?

1. Make your brand more existable

The number one reason why you should focus on the impactful sales methods available is because you want to distinguish your brand from the crowd. See it in this way, there are multiple brands available in the market that sell similar products like you, how are you going to be able to stand out from them?

The greatest way is to enhance your current sales strategy. When you do that you are able to understand how your prospects need to be treated and how exactly can you present your brand as the right fit for all their needs. 

2. Expand your business better

The whole agenda of conducting sales for any brand is to extend the outreach of the business. For instance, if you are a vendor that sells email marketing software, you would want your target audience who are present anywhere around the globe to understand that there is a brand like yours that can help them out with reference to email marketing.

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As mentioned earlier, the market keeps changing. Today social media selling is considered to be one of the fastest mediums to reach out to potential prospects. ‘’78% of salespeople engaged in social selling are outselling their peers who aren’t.’’ When you are able to adapt to the present sales techniques, you are making it easier for your brand exposure to be much farther. 

3. Let’s you grow with loyal prospects

Another reason to boost your sales is to help your brand grow with the right kind of people. When you conduct selling activities, there is one factor that you consider when selecting and engaging with the leads that you get, ‘’how will this lead help my brand to grow.?’’

When you boost your sales, you are not just enhancing your performance, you are also working on receiving prospects that will matter to your brand. Boosting your sales allows your brand to engage with the right audience with methods that will make it easier to find them and convert them as a sales lead for your business.

Now that you are aware that why boosting sales is important, let’s move towards the crucial area of the article.

7 tips to boost your brand’s sales in 2020

1. Add a human touch to automation

Automation is a great solution for brands because they can easily automate many of their repetitive tasks and still focus on the other relevant tasks that need their attention. With automation, work gets processed faster.

 For instance, when you automate email campaigns, you are sending out emails to a set of your audience at the right time and are evaluating the results accordingly. This gives you time to view what campaigns work for you and what you should eliminate hence making your automation more productive.

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Now what happens is since automation is taking place, brands tend to forget that when a prospect receives the common sales emails, they identify it immediately with the statements mentioned and instantly ignore it. Nobody likes to read a common sales email, would they?

It would be better if you could add your brand’s touch with it. Such as framing sentences that give a feel of comfort and connect when your prospects read it because when this happens, there are more chances of your emails receiving a good number of click-through rates as well as reply rates. 

2. Personalize your sales activities, especially emails

Cold emails are sent out to multiple prospects with the objective of them opening it and reverting it to a brand. But sometimes these tactics don’t prove to be much effective, the common reason being, emails are drafted for the purpose of selling. There is no personal touch to it which is why it becomes difficult for your prospects to even consider your solution for satisfying their needs.

The simple way to work this out is to personalize your email more. Add in your touch which states why you want to connect with them, how you can help them, what makes your solution better. The main concept of sales is to sell and the best way to do that is to bring your thoughts on that email recommending why your brand’s solution is a good investment to satisfy all their needs.

Invest in a good email marketing software that can help you to personalize your emails better and who can also create email templates that will outsell your email marketing strategies better from the crowd. Sales is all about making efforts in the most efficient way and sending personalized emails is one of them.

3. Use more videos in your sales activities

‘’54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.’’  Do you know why your prospects would prefer a video more on your emails or when you share on your social media handle?

The reason being videos are a great tactic when it comes to capturing multiple attention. The small texts, visuals, and colour all contribute to adding an easy and insightful way for prospects to learn more about what you want them to learn from your brand. 

Now imagine you using this advantage in all your emails?

When a prospect receives your email, you have just a shorter time frame to convince them that your brand is worth their attention. The best way to do this is to create a video that speaks about the whole agenda of the email so that by the end of the video, your prospects will be able to remember and take away a few of the pointers mentioned which would be a great advantage for your brand to target them again.

To create good videos, ensure that your conducting the following steps:

1 . Planning a good storyline

2. Using the right colours which don’t affect the eyes

3. Choosing the right font which makes it easy to read the information

4. Adding relevant and attractive visuals

5. Conveying the agenda of their attention in a shorter time frame

4. Send more emails to your prospects

‘’When you send 3 to 7 emails to a single lead, your reply rate increases by 3x on average.’’ If you were thinking all this while that sending multiple emails to your prospects will annoy them, you might want to think again. 

Your prospects are busy, they have so much on their mind, so when they receive an email from you and if they haven’t opened it yet the chances are either they are to busy to open it or that they have pushed your email to read later. Since you wouldn’t have much knowledge about why your emails haven’t been open yet, should that stop you from connecting with them again?

No, it shouldn’t. 

Sending a good number of emails can help you garner the attention of that prospect to click on your email. When they notice your emails popping up consistently, they will be compelled to see what you have to tell them. 

5. Use Voice Search

‘’44% of consumers use voice search on a daily basis, and come 2020, it’s predicted that 50% of all searches will be voice searches.’’  Do you know what will help you stand out even better from your competitors?

The fact that a prospect has requested content and yours was the one they first see. Imagine this, say your prospects ask, ‘How do I boost my sales in 2020?’, on the voice search option, this article will pop up straight in front of them. In order to for this to take place each time they request such content your brand needs to refine the content accordingly.

Ensure that your content is relevant, uses the right long-tail keywords and has a good conversational tone in it. Let your content have questions and answers to the common ones asked by prospects so that it stands out when they enquire.

Now doesn’t this look like a great and easy way to conduct sales?

6. Get a podcast done

A podcast is another way of getting sales done. Imagine this, you are hearing a podcast and in that the speaker mentions that ‘you should try out this product as it helps in solving your xx issues’, this will actually trigger your actions to give that brand a glance.

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Another great thing about conducting podcasts is that you can speak about the industry you are in and help your prospects find solutions with your podcast episodes. When a prospect finds its solution with your podcasts, they will be able to explore you more and move further by investing in your brand. 

7. Sell your products more than your sales pitch

Do you know why some of your prospects don’t continue with your team when you try to sell them your solution? 

The most common reason is that you are selling your brand more than your benefits. Your prospects are aware of the brands that are selling their solution, but do they know which brand’s solution is the right fit for them?

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This is exactly why you need to shift your focus on why your solution is the best one from the crowd. You need to explain how your brand can help prospects fulfill their needs, list out why your solution is better than the competitors and much more. When your prospects realize how your solution can benefit them, their investment towards your brand would be more confident.

The Conclusion

Sales matters and what makes it happen is the methods your brand uses to accomplish it.

The market will keep changing, your prospects needs will change so will the way of engaging with them to sell your solution, what needs to remain constant is your brand’s effort to work on their sales tactics.

What is your opinion on this article? Which sales tip are you planning to incorporate first in your sales strategies?

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