6 Secret Ninja Tricks for Finding Prospects’ Email Addresses

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Let us say you have a great product. You also have an awesome piece of content that might immediately get your prospects to go ahead and purchase it instantly. But, how good is all of this if you do not have the correct set of leads?

Without the correct prospect information, there is a huge gap between building the product and selling it. This is the gap that we are trying to fill in this blog.

Your product cannot become a superstar overnight (unless you are cross-selling and have a stellar database full of leads). As pessimistic as this might sound, it is the hard truth that you need to know to sell successfully. Constant effort in the right direction is the only way to get your first paying customer.

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Getting to the right prospect is extremely important and as a marketer, you’d need to have a lot of patience to get there. You need to research a lot on your customers and their likes and dislikes. This is extremely important to get close to them. 

Not many prospects are going to buy your product in the first email that you send them. You need to convince them hard to try your product and this will be possible only if you do your homework right.

Selling is easy. All that you have to do is sell stuff that makes people happy. And, just like that everything will fall in place.

Easy, isn’t it?

The best way to acquire your first few customers is to know what people require. This should happen even before you build your product. Probably in the initial planning stage of your software building. Set up a consulting service or meet business owners, and understand what their requirements are, see what you can build to help resolve their problem.

Once your software is ready, contact the firms that you helped with consultation and ask them to try out your product. Be open to feedback and keep improving your product. Boom! even before you know, you would have landed your first customer.

finding prospects email addresses

But what if you have failed to do this? 

Do not worry. You can still reach out to your prospects via an email. Email Marketing is the best way to reach out to potentials. About 70% of the users have access to their emails on their mobile, which means they have a 24 / 7 access to their emails. All that you have to do now is contact them using an email.

How do we get the email addresses of these potentials?

Quick Links:

Here are a few suggestions that will help you land the email addresses of your prospects.

1. Landing Pages

You might have read about 10 articles on how to get your first customer and I am sure all of them would have suggested this. The repetition only emphasizes how important this is. Create a landing page, give away some useful materials, and collect the contact details of people who visit the page.

Let us say you have an email campaign software and a prospect searching about something related to cold emails lands on your page. What do you do? How do you find out the prospect’s details?

You can try offering them a piece of valuable content. An ebook or an infographic that they might want to read. 

finding prospects email addresses

Get the prospects email address and then email the content piece to them. 

Once you get the details of lead, contact them immediately. Make sure that you also include the details of your product in the email. 

finding prospects email addresses

Alternatively, based on your budget you can get prospects to sign up for your free class or webinar. This allows you to collect extra information from your prospects.

finding prospects email addresses
finding prospects email addresses

2. Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

Facebook and Linkedin are more than social media tools right now. And, if you have a B2B startup, you should spend at least 2–3 hours interacting with various groups. Do more than just advertising your product. When someone asks for help or suggestion, contribute your ideas. Create a strong social presence within the group and then introduce your product. The truth is, people will be interested in what you have to say when they know who you are. If not, your product advertisement is likely to get buried among the posts. Check out these groups from Facebook and Linkedin.

When you find someone whom you think is a great prospect for your product, try and connect with them at a personal level. Send them a connection request or a friend request. Explain your product to them but do not hard sell it. Another interesting thing to do is ask for their expertise. For instance, let us say you have a subscription software and you are trying to get different use cases for a feature. Contact people from different companies, be upfront about your agenda, tell them what you are trying to understand how this feature if built would solve their issues. Then, once you have gained enough info, go back and either build it or check if your existing tool solves their issues. 

Ask them if they could try your product for free and help you with suggestions. If your product is good, it would sell itself from here.

3. Collaborate

Find collaborations to cross-sell, for instance, let us say you have created a CRM solution, find companies that offer complementary services like email automation or help desk and collaborate with them. This way both the products get introduced to a broader set of audience, which means more sales. You can collaborate with more than one company, just make sure that you don’t get caught in between 2 companies with conflicting interests.

This also broadens the leads. Since you’d be selling together, you can the customers email address from the collaborating company and sell your product to them.

4. Word of Mouth

Get people to talk positively about your product. Be it Social media, Quora, Reddit, or in person, the more the people talk about your product, the better. In case you receive appreciation from your users, take a screenshot of it and post it on your marketing channels. This creates a confidence among your targets. Contact every person you know who might be able to help you to spread the word. Ask your prospects to refer their friends for your product. Offer referral bonus or freebies when they refer more friends to try your product. 

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Here is a sample:

finding prospects email addresses

Give offers that would benefit both the referer and the referee. Even the person referred does not sign up, you have their email address. This allows you to contact them and send email campaigns that would help you get the deal. 

finding prospects email addresses

5. Use a tool 

Tools are a great way to find out someone’s email address. There are a lot of tools out there that will help you get the complete email address of your prospect. In order to make things easy for you, we have curated a list of tools that you can try. 


It gives you access to business email addresses and paces the lead generation process by many folds. With a click of a button you can get verified email addresses of key decision makers from various companies from their sites and even LinkedIn.

This tool provides upto 15 different data points, such as address, contact number, full name, job title, email address etc.

AeroLeads can be integrated with Mailchimp, Zapier and other email marketing tools for powerful and efficient communication. With rock-solid customer support any time of the day, it takes a big leap in customer satisfaction.


Hunter provides online data to create connections between professionals. It lists all the email addresses of a company or a domain publicly available on the web and enables its users to find targeted email addresses from the first name, last name, and company website. Hunter also provides several bulk functionalities to process multiple emails, company names and domains at once, a Google Sheets Add-on, a Chrome extension to find emails while browsing the web and several CRMs integrations.

finding prospects email addresses_crm


Findemails.com provides both targeted lead list as well as the option to find a specific prospect’s details. It allows you to search for a person by the company or job role. 

finding prospects email addresses_findemails

It also provides a target list of leads based on your business. 

finding prospects email addresses

Find That Email

This is the yellow pages of email address. It enables you to search any email addresses by typing in the prospect’s name and company/domain. The search results will be ranked in the order of confidence. You can also find bulk email addresses from a list of names, companies or domains. Their extension allows you to get the email addresses of prospects from social media.

yellow pages


Norbert is an intelligent lead generation tool that can find anyone’s corporate email address and enrich it with data that drives conversion. Norbert has an intuitive interface, and does not require installation. The moment you look up for someone it searches and returns a verified information. 


Find that lead

FindThatLead is a seamless lead generation service that offers top-notch features for today’s leading teams. All that you have to do is enter the companies name and go back home with the list of leads.

find that lead

Here are the benefits of using this product:

– No more wasting time with manual searches on Google, social networks and individual websites.

– Find leads fast and verify their emails just as quickly to make sure your messages never bounce.

– Collect and verify new leads in bulk by conveniently exporting them into a CSV.

– Enhance your data with additional lead information to generate targeted email lists.

– Build drip email campaigns to improve your marketing by taking care of all your leads. 


Snovio is an all-in-one platform that allows marketers, sales reps, headhunters and other professionals to generate leads on websites, social channels, and databases, enrich and verify them, and send smart email drip campaigns based on the recipient’s behavior



Webdef searches billions of webpages containing millions of company emails, and combines it into one easy list of prospects. With one tap you’ll reach the right person. Webdef shows you every website an email is listed on. Verifiable results that can be used as a conversation starter for your email outreach campaigns.


6. Subscribe to the company’s newsletter

Just like you, your prospect out there is also trying to reach out to their prospects. The best thing that you can do is tap into that space. Subscribe to their newsletter, email notifications etc. All that you have to do is go to their website, find a subscribe button and then subscribe. Now, you’d get emails on a regular basis, these emails would be from marketing team (mostly). Reply to those emails and try to get in touch with the person that you are looking to connect with. 

7.  Google it

When in doubt, trust in Google. Google has never let us down. When you can’t ask something to someone, you ask Google. So why not ask it about your prospect?

Now, we really don’t have to teach you “How to Google?” but here is a tip, let us say your prospect’s name is Jessica Davis, the name being pretty common, Google is going to throw you pages of suggestion. It is almost near to impossible to analyze all these results and find out that one person you are looking for. 

So whenever you stumble upon a common name and are finding it difficult to track that person down, try adding additional information along with the name. This could be anything ranging from the company they are working for to their hometown. This will make it easier for you to find that one person among the 8 billion people in the world.

Like I said before, these are not magic hacks. It is going to take a lot of your time and effort. Kill your ego and reach out to people who can help you sell. Start today. Remember, MailChimp, Stripe, Xero, Zoho, Freshworks were not built in a day.

Hope you found this blog useful. If you have any other tried/succeeded tactics up your sleeve, let us know in the comments section below. 

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