3 Ways To Combine Email Website Personalization For Conversion Success

‘’94% of customer insights and marketing professionals across multiple industries said personalization is “important,” “very important,” or “extremely important” for meeting their current marketing objectives.’’

Personalizing the way you engage with your prospects helps you to empathize with them better.

In a world where the business industry has grown to become digital, a sign of personalization retains the human touch which technology and the online world have left behind. This is why website personalization is of great importance.

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1 . Need for ‘Personalization’ in businesses

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Imagine how well would your lead capture activity function when personalization is blended with your email and website platforms?

Not only will such an action spark a good number of positive email reverts and easy exploration of your website, it will also directly impact your conversion rates which is necessary in 2020 if you want your brand to be exhibited better.

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Understanding this, the topic has been curated with detailed explanations so that by the end of the article, you have inherited the following information:

1 . Why your focus should be on personalization?

2 . How can you personalize your email and website?

With this, let’s get started.

Need for ‘Personalization’ in businesses

1. Adds human touch

As mentioned earlier, while the world is going digital and automation of your business processes is taking place, the one thing that needs to remain constant is a human touch. Personalization ensures that this is taking place. For instance, say you visit a website and you have to search for everything on your own. There is no one to help you so what would you do next? 

You get off it.

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This is exactly what is expected from your prospects if your brand conducts this same action. Make the lives of your prospects easy by ensuring them that you want to genuinely help them. When they visit your website, add recommendations, suggestions and help them to find their needs easily. It is as if you are present there, guiding them to what their needs are. 

When this happens regularly, your prospects would like to come back to you and also bring more of your related target audience towards your brand. Adding personalization to what you do when you engage with your prospects helps your brand to go a long way in terms of growth. 

2. Recommend relevant solution to prospects

When your prospects visit your website, they would be exploring your solution. They would want to find a solution that could satisfy their needs, Hence when you suggest some other products which don’t match their need, they would find it frustrating to continue further. Hence with through research with multiple tools, one of which could be web scraping, you can identify what type of needs your prospects are looking for.

When you are able to understand that, you can then add personalizations to a few sections of your website so that your prospects are aware of where they can find the ideal solution which can cater to their needs. 

3. Frames a good impression of understanding prospects

As stated in pointers one and two, it is evident that when you personalize your activities with your prospect, you are creating an impression that you want to really help them find their needs. With personalization, you are virtually providing an assistant which will help your prospects find what they are looking for. This process will go down well with your prospects because it gives them a tour of a more humanely and empathetic buying process. 

4. Can close sales deals quicker

If a prospect visits your website and doesn’t find it convenient to find what they are looking for they will walk out. Similarly, if you are going to send an email to your prospects and if it sounds like a normal sales pitch, chances are there will be no reverts. 

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The reason being today whatever you do for your prospects they don’t want to hear volumes of a sales pitch, they want to engage with a brand that they can connect with and who is looking to help them out. Here is when email and website personalization can help you. When you add a personalized touch when sending emails or when making your website more suggestive and communication pro, you are making it easier for your prospects to explore and learn from you.

Personalization can win your brand easy benefits with its existence which is why it’s time you learn how you can combine this aspect through email and website personalization to receive better success in your conversion rates.

3 ways to combine email website personalization for conversion success

1. Giving out social proof

Did you know that you can add more value to the feedbacks your brand has received from prospects? The way to do it is called social proof. What you need to do is whenever you share a review from your prospects, adding the location they are in adds more value.

For instance, say that you have received prospect feedbacks from London. When you post their details along with the statement mentioned about your brand you are capturing a good impression of your target audience residing in London because they can just look up at those brands and understand how well you have helped them.

Share your prospect’s location and more details such as their company name and position so that it adds more value when you showcase them on your website or when mentioning them in your email. 

2. Personalize your product page with your prospects

Another way to personalize is by enhancing your product tour page. For instance, say you have received an email and with that a link to click on a product tour of that brand, now in the below two situations which one would grasp your attention more?

1 . A normal product tour

2. A tour with your brand’s name mentioned

The latter would be a wiser choice. When you showcase your prospect’s brand on your product tour, you are creating an image in their mind where they will be able to relate to the information mentioned there. By the end, they will be able to picturise their brand with your solution and connect with you better thereafter.

3. Personalize your actions on the basis of your prospects actions

If your prospects have walked out of your website or have connected with you with just once? Will you lose out on grasping another opportunity to convince them? Website personalization will not let this happen because when you know your prospects are warm/hot or are not yet convinced to invest in your solution, you can send personalized emails accordingly.

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This will compel them to have a look at what you’re offering and give you the opportunity to assist them. With every personalized email, there are chances of your leads being drawn towards what you are offering them.

The Bottom Line…

Email and website personalization is important because these are the two crucial measures that come into contact with your prospects. 

If you skip the personalization in these measures, there are low chances of your brand to beat the tough competition and improve the brand on a larger scale.

While with the website personalization, adding the above-mentioned lists should be practiced, personalizing emails too can seek the solution of reliable email marketing softwares. The softwares can help convert your email content into an impactful content that will revert you with the results you are expecting from it, which is why missing out on such a solution should be avoided.

Now we would like to know from you, what are your views on this topic? How will website personalization work for your company? Which tip are you planning to apply for your email and website personalization?

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