14 Email Drip Campaign Examples To Steal Today

‘’There are 3.9 billion active email users.’’

So if you conduct your next email drip campaign activities, chances are you are in to receive a better closure number for this action.

You have been conducting multiple email campaign activities and you understand the importance of this its existence. Email alone can help you capture leads only if you conduct it the right way. A few drip campaign examples might just be the right inspiration for your marketing.

What if you were told that you could frame your current email campaign activity better? In fact, what if you could receive twice the engagement rate and let’s drop in a higher number of loyal leads, what would be your reaction?

Surprised, too hard to believe?

Actually, it’s not, we guarantee you that by the end of this article you will be able to conduct your email campaign activities in an enhanced number and the results will meet your expectations.

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All you need to do is switch your email focus.

Switch your email focus towards ‘Drip Campaigns’.

This campaign isn’t new, it is something that you have been doing but the only thing is not multiple brands can do right which is why this article is going to make you a pro in this.

Table of Contents:

That’s a lot of knowledge on the topic which is why we are sure actually confident that you are going to ace your next drip email campaign activity.

Let’s get you started. 

Meaning of ‘Drip Campaigns’

Have you subscribed to an e-book or an information and received an email in your inbox after a few minutes?

That is what drip campaigns are. 

Drip campaigns are email campaigns that are sent to help prospects understand the purpose of the information they just subscribed to. 

Don’t be mistaken with the trigger emails.

With trigger emails, you send an email once and follow up later. With drip campaigns, you are sending a series of emails based on the prospect’s action.

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For instance, say that you want to learn blogging and you subscribe for it to a brand A. What brand A will do is each day you will receive the information till the course is completed. What you receive is the information you wanted in the first place and when you complete your course, you would be compelled to try out more as you were satisfied.

For Brand A the benefit they receive is retaining your attention and converting you to becoming a loyal customer for their brand. On both sides, it is a win-win. Drip campaigns can take place in any manner when you start a free trial for investing in a paid plan . The emails you receive are serving its purpose of helping you understand the brand better and continue to nurture you throughout the process so that you can convert from being a potential prospect to a sales lead. 

Let’s understand this better with the features.

Features of Drip Campaigns

1. Relevant to prospects actions

If your prospects have subscribed to learning a new blogging technique, you cannot send sales techniques instead. This is exactly what drip campaigns are eliminating. It ensures that whatever email campaigns your prospects are receiving is relevant to what they have asked for. 

2. Personalized drip campaigns

Another great thing about drip campaigns is that each of them is personalized. It’s not how a sales pitch is where you just tweak a little here and there in statements and use the same content for all prospects, with this process it is different. Each of the prospects is unique and have different needs and also conduct different actions, on the basis of that email campaigns will be sent.

For instance, since your prospects have subscribed to learning about blogging, they will receive emails on the basis of that such as suggesting which other relevant courses they can take or what they will be learning and more. 

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3. Based on user behaviour

If your prospect has proceeded to add something in the cart and then moved away, they will receive an email campaign to bring back their attention to the cart again. If your prospect has invested in a paid plan for your solution, they will receive an email campaign that will help them to get started with the features and work process they will conduct. This is exactly how drip campaigns operate, on the basis of prospect action, the email campaigns are sent. 

4. Pre-written email campaigns

You don’t have to create a new drip campaign all the time, they are all pre-written and sent according to the time they should and to the right prospect based on the actions and behaviour patterns. 

5. Automated and Scheduled

Your drip campaigns work in a smooth manner. All of the actions are automated and sent according to the schedule set. Whenever there is a trigger such as a prospect has not made a purchase yet, the expiration of the service is coming close, the cart abandonment is happening, according to all these triggers, the drip campaigns will be sent accordingly at the right time so that you don’t lose out on any of your potential prospects. 

Now, that we have got this covered, let’s move to our next category, elements.

Elements of drip campaigns

1. Triggers

drip campaign examples

Source: Leadsquared

As stated earlier, Triggers function on the basis of an action conducted by the prospect. So say in the chart shown above, you got a lead, now your next action would be to welcome them and then wait for a day to see if the lead has done any actions on the drip campaign, if yes, you continue to send customer reviews so that the lead is convinced that it did the right job to invest in your solution.

But if the lead didn’t click on the drip campaign, you will send that welcome email once again instead now it will be sent with a new subject line to garner more attention and get them to click.

2. Conditions

drip campaign examples

Source: Leadsquared

Your trigger will help you conduct the drip campaigns in motion but here is when the condition will help. So when you send a drip campaign to your leads you need to wait for their action. It could take one day or even three, you need to give the lead time and continue to observe their actions. When you realise that your lead has or has not clicked your drip campaign, that is when you conduct your next drip campaign action. 

3. Actions

drip campaign examples

Source: Leadsquared

As stated previously, you will not conduct your next action on the basis of the condition period. Your drip campaign activity can take place in any form, be it an SMS, emails and even social media messages. This action will help trigger your prospect to either continue further or push them to continue further. 

Drip campaigns matter. Why does it matter your brand is what you will learn next.

Importance of Drip Campaigns

1. Increases the revenue count

‘’ Drip email campaigns drive 18 times more revenue than mass emails.’’ And why shouldn’t it? The main reason why drip campaigns are such a success because it is conducting the action which the lead has applied for. When you continue serving your leads what they ask for, wouldn’t they want to stay? Drip campaign tactics are such that your revenue count will see a difference upon its figures.

2. Enhances Click through rates

‘’Drip email campaigns result in 119% higher CTR comparing with regular email marketing campaigns.’’ Think of it in this way, when you have subscribed to get blogging techniques, the minute you receive emails related to it, wouldn’t you open, this exactly what drip campaigns aim to achieve. Your click-through rate will improve because you are opening something which you wanted or have been needing. 

3. Nurtures lead better

The content that is used to retain the attention of your prospects in the drip campaign plays a huge role. Hence when you have some impactful content and this process is being sent to all your prospects in a personalized manner, lead nurturing takes place well. Each of the content stated will help the leads to solve their issues or to guide them on how they can continue better. This is an important process because you are nurturing the leads at the time which is more effective.

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For instance, say that your leads have signed up for your product. When you send them emails related to how they can get started and where they can go to achieve help they will be happy because you are making their process so much easier. With this continuous nurturing, that lead will continue to become a loyal customer for your business. 

4. Informs leads at the earliest

Another great importance of drip campaigns is that it does a great job of informing the leads in every step. Whether it is an onboarding email or reminding them about the service expiry, every email is sent so that upon reading it, you can easily understand what needs to be done. For instance, say that you have registered a free trial with a brand, the emails you receive will help you get started and continue further during the free trial period. 

5. Saves manual efforts

As you are aware that drip campaigns are conducted in an automated manner and are scheduled to be sent at the right time, this saves all the effort which you would have done manually. It eliminates the hassle of constant observations of each of your lead actions and behaviour patterns and instead conducts it on its own with sheer accuracy. 

6. Easy to create campaigns

Another great reason to love drip campaigns is that the effort to create an email template is less. You can either conduct it in scratch or take one which is predesigned. You can also use the same one more than once which lets you speed up on the email activities. 

Let’s now move ahead to understanding the beneficial factors of drip campaigns for your business.

Benefits of Drip Campaigns

1. Relevant campaigns are sent

In Drip campaigns you won’t be sending the same email format to each and every one of your leads. You will be catering to different leads whose needs and interests will be different. The best part of this drip campaign is that it lets you send campaigns on the basis of a detailed research. A research which is conducted on what your prospects are expecting from you. 

What are they looking for, what are their behaviour patterns, where are they viewing your product more, and so on. This data can help you to create a personalized email campaign catering to the solution they are seeking. This action highly impacts your revenue and makes a difference in your conversion rates.

2. The engagement process is more

With every process whether it is reminding your prospects about the things, they left in the cart while buying your packages or letting them know about the expiration of the service with your brand, each of these plays a huge role in increasing your engagement. You tend to engage more with your prospects as you continue to help them understand your brand better and also guide them to get started on your product. 

3. Always keeps your brand on top

When you’re constantly sending drip campaigns to your prospects, you are also letting them know of your existence. This will remind them about you and they will continue to invest in your solution further. You will become a familiar name in their mind and this will help you to regain trust and hence be on the top of their mind at all times when it comes to solving their needs. 

Now that you have everything you need to know about drip campaigns, you are ready to get started on it.

Let us guide you through.

How to create effective drip campaigns?

1. Start by creating a mailing list

Create a mailing list and keep it empty. You can enter your subscribers once you launch your campaigns. You can even enter the details of subscribers after the launch and also from the subscriber’s form.

2. Build email templates

You can then start building your email templates, the format, the design, the style all of that can be covered. 

3. Set the starting flow

Start to add the subscribers and conduct the automation process. Draft the email content that you want to send. 

4. Add emails to that flow

Start your email activities such as writing the subject line and adding the sender details and continue forward. 

5. Finally, launch your drip email campaign

Once completed, you start to launch your campaign. You can monitor your campaign thereafter.

When you send your drip campaigns, the content matters which is why doing it the right way matters. 

How to frame content in Drip campaigns?

Your content in the drip campaign matters.

It matters because you are not going to use the same content to cater to all your prospects. As stated earlier, with drip campaigns every email being sent is personalized. 

It is personalized because every prospect is different, their actions towards your brand are different. Some may be investing in your brand while others would still be in the free trial, in this case, curating an email which is different is essential. Like for those who are in a free trial, the drip campaigns would be more towards helping them understand the product, guiding them towards learning how to use your product, and more. 

Content in an email needs to be conducted well because not all the content that you use will be repeated. It will be different for each user as that content will help the prospect to conduct their next action. 

To curate the right content for your drip campaigns, it is important that you first analyze who your prospects are, what are their actions towards your brand, what are they invested in, and more. This will help you create the right form of content to cater to them.

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For instance, when you are aware that your prospect’s free trial is going to get over soon, you’re going to create content that will remind them of that as well as let them know why they should further invest in one of your paid plans.

Content matters in drip campaigns as you’ve seen above and the only way to achieve it is to keep a close eye on your prospects and create relevant content that matches your prospect’s actions.

Let’s now move ahead to our next category where we will be speaking about when is the ideal time for your brand to start incorporating the presence of drip campaigns. 

When should you use drip campaigns?

Drip campaigns can be used at multiple places in your brand such as:

1. To welcome your prospects when they have just signed up for your brand’s product. You can create a drip campaign that can help them in their onboarding process and guide them towards how to get started.

2. When your prospects have upgraded from a free trial to a paid one. This is one that can help you to continue retaining your prospects as sales leads. Your drip campaign would help them to get started with the features and advantages you offer with the free plan. They will only know what’s new and how they can continue further. 

3. For bloggers who want to learn something new or want to invest in writing on a topic, you can create a drip campaign to help send them emails for the next few weeks or to help them get started on their own.

4. Increasing your revenue by eliminating the hassle of cart abandonment. This happens because either the prospect is not sure about their purchases which they added to cart or had their mind diverted. A drip campaign can work as a reminder or as a boost to take action for what the prospect has added to the cart. 

5. You can also sell your special offers and discounts via your drip campaigns. You can do this when a prospect has just registered for your product or if they have made an upgrade. This will compel your prospects to invest in your more because of the added benefit you have given them. 

6. You can also woo your prospects with a great sales pitch. The drip campaign when performing the sales pitch actions can help to improve your sales figures. You will be able to sell better as the sales pitch will be created according to the prospect’s actions hence you will be able to cater to them better. 

7. Any events or webinars that you conduct can also be conveyed to your audience. This is a great way to get more people to join as you will be sending them a series of emails to notify them about it. 

8. You can also send relevant and specific messages to your prospects so that it becomes easier to engage with them. With the series of emails, you can easily capture them, nurture them, and then convert them into becoming a loyal customer. The chances of sales conversions are high here as targeted messages are being sent to the prospects at the right time.

9. If you’re a brand that is into automobiles or more, you can use this drip campaign platform to send out special offers on your product, you can create a series of emails which will be sent out stating the urgency for them to invest in your solution and what they will be receiving. This will work out better for your sales figures as your actions are reaching at the right time to the right prospects. 

We will now move forward to understanding how you can start tracking your drip campaigns. This is important because it can help you to analyze and understand what you can do better in your drip campaigns and enhance it furthermore. 

How to track drip campaigns?

1. Value and cost per leads

You need to understand that your drip campaigns will only be effective when you conduct it with the right lead. You need to understand whether a lead is valuable for your business when you do that, that is when it makes more sense to invest in more drip campaigns towards taping those leads.

2. Conversion rate with time

Another way to track your drip campaigns is to set a goal for each of them. For instance, say that you want your prospects to invest in your paid plan, so you have a goal that you will send 3 emails to make them conduct that action. So for each email, your goal would be to learn more about your features which will compel them to invest in your paid plan.

When this happens you are able to understand that your goal has been achieved and that you will be able to track your conversion rates accordingly. 

3. End to end conversion rate with time

This is easy to track on drip campaigns. The end to end conversion is tracked on the basis of each of your lead’s journeys in the sales stage. No matter where they are in your sales funnel, conversion from each stage is measurable. Monitoring the conversion rates becomes easier when conducted in such a manner.

4. Length of closing a deal

The length of closing a sales deal is another factor you need to measure when you cater to your prospects. This will help you understand what is the time that is being taken to convert a lead and how you can reduce it further. By doing this you increase the chances of closing deals much more quickly and efficiently. 

5. Number of contacts generated with time

Another important factor you need to keep in mind when tracking your drip campaigns is how many contacts have been generated from such campaigns. This is important as it gives you the idea to generate more and let’s guide you on how you can conduct this increase in action better. 

You can do this by setting your goal to use a drip campaign and using various places such as landing pages or contact pages to see where you are receiving more contact details being disclosed. This will help you keep a closer eye and work towards grasping more leads details. 

6. Contact’s engagement stats

The more your prospects engage with you the better are your chances of converting them into sales leads. The engagement line in your drip campaigns should always be high because that defines that you are having a healthier engagement level. Another great thing about measuring this metric is that it lets you catch hold of those prospects whose engagement is very less.

That will help you to re-engage with them again with your drip campaigns and capture their attention for long with your brand. 

7. Unsubscription rate over time

Your prospects require time after you send them your drip campaigns. So what you do is you need to keep a track of it. Your email subscribers should always be high when compared to the unsubscribers list. At times we tend to send multiple drip campaigns which can annoy your prospects which is why you need to ensure that you’re conducting this action using the medium of right timing. 

Did you know that apart from these metrics, you can also conduct A/B testing to enhance your drip campaign performance?

Allow us to elaborate.

A/B Testing Drip Campaigns

A/B testing can be used so that you can enhance your emails better.

For instance, you can send two emails with different subject lines and conduct A/B testing to understand which subject lines helped garner more prospect attention and reverts. 

This will help you walk in the path of effective practice. 

You can conduct A/B testing for your drip campaigns as well by enforcing the practice towards email variations such as subject line, preview text, images, CTAs, copy of the email and more, workflow variations and the frequency of the in the process sending of follow up emails during a given period of time. 

The subject line in your drip campaigns matters which is why using A/B testing is mandatory in this case to serve the best in order to garner the attention of your prospect. You can use automizy’s subject line tester to get started with A/B testing for your drip campaigns. 

Drip campaigns can be conducted in the process explained above and there are also other ways to practice them.

Best practices of Drip Campaigns

1. Get started with the creation of logical automation flows

Before you can get started with your drip campaign activities you need to first understand that this process if done wrong can be too overwhelming for your prospects. Imagine receiving too many emails from one source, the chances of getting blocked or getting ignored would be high.

What would be great if you create a plan, a logical automation flow which has everything perfected such as any of the drip campaigns being sent should have different email content which matches your prospect’s action. You can also assign when the emails need to go and automated the process according to that schedule. 

When you have a plan like this, it becomes easy to conduct drip campaigns and you will receive more results from this action. 

2. Continue to automate more processes

There is so much of your other work that requires your attention and you are aware that conducting a drip campaign manually can be a difficult task hence it is wise if you are able to conduct this process in an automated manner. Ensure all the drip campaign activities are automated so that your work is getting along great. 

3. Ensure all subject lines are personalized

You are aware that your drip campaigns are sent according to the actions of your prospect which means that you can also prioritize the subject lines that you write for your prospects. This will add a touch of personalization and will compel your prospects to open the email campaign. 

For instance, say that you are aware that your prospects are doubtful to jump into a paid package of yours, so your subject line would be to address that by saying anything which captures their attention and makes them aware that you want to help them jump into the investment. For instance, ‘invest in our pro paid plan and get 20% off.’

The more personalized you keep your subject lines, the better are your chances of gaining that trust from your prospects. 

4. Keep a closer tab on your success growth

Keep a tab on your drip campaign performance. This is important because you can make changes quickly such as if the subject line isn’t working you can change and more. 

Now we will move along by providing you with the examples of drip campaigns so that you can have an idea of how you can get started.

14 Email Drip Campaign Examples To Steal In 2020

1. Sark eMedia’s 30 day blogging challenge

drip campaign examples

Source: Moosend

So Sark offers this blogging course where they will be sending blogging related information to their email subscribers. The great thing about this drip campaign is that every email being sent will be opened because the blogging information will be present. The drip campaign performance will be better and there are fewer chances of the subscribers to ignore these emails as they will be expecting this email each day. 

2. Leah Kalamakis

Source: Moosend

So Leah is a freelance web designer. She had started Freelancing to Freedom project school so that she could share her knowledge about her web designing. She offers courses for paid subscribers and so that they too can be a successful web designer like her.

Her drip campaigns are so detailed and she shares her personal experience with her subscribers. It is like a casual conversation but taken off in the form of an email. She wins over the trust of her subscribers with each drip campaign being sent as everything is so personalized. 

3. Drift’s welcome drip campaign

Source: Moosend

As you can see this is how Drift’s drip campaign was for the welcome emails. It is so simple yet so effective. They move away from the standard welcome emails where it talks more about the benefits of their brand and will appear on a landing page design. Instead, Drift switched it and made it more personalized.

The starting is all about how they are different and instead of just thanking their prospects they shared a few lists of blogs which can help their prospects to get started. It even included the views of each post which would actually compel their prospects or click on it. 

4. Trello

Source: Moosend

Trello used Christmas as a great way to create an effective and appealing drip campaign. The uniqueness is evident in its design and creation. What Trello aimed to do is switch the Christmas song 12 days of Christmas into 12 ways to Trello where the links added into the campaigns would guide the prospects on how to get started with Trello and how they can be productive with it.

The campaign is launched in the Christmas season and uses simple sentences to explain the purpose of the b campaigns. 

5. Holstee

Source: Moosend

Cart abandonment happens a lot. It happens frequently because either the prospect has forgotten about it or they are unsure about it. At this point, a drip campaign can actually help to conduct an action with it. The image above is an example of it. As you can see the brand informed the customer that he had left the cart without conducting any action, they acknowledged in the email and also reminded them about what they left.

They also catered to the customer by offering help in case they were lost and even sent links to the customer’s shopping cart so that they can go ahead and make that purchase without any delays. 

6. Becca Cartice

Source: Moosend

Source: Moosend

This is the prime example of how you can follow up with your prospects just in time. When you see the first image, it is a drip campaign which is welcoming her user in the painting class and giving the introduction on the same. The second drip campaign speaks about a reminder of how many days have gone past and that they are excited to have the user onboard. 

It also shows where the user can head to in case they missed the previous classes. Conducting this drip campaign can help you look after your subscribers and ensure them that you remember all of them. The content in the email adds a personalized touch. 

7. RyanAir

Source: Moosend

This is RyanAir speaking about the mega seat sales. As you can see in the drip campaign there is a pattern followed. For instance, in the first drip campaign, it announces the mega seat sales, in the second drip campaigns, it speaks about the extension it conducted and lastly, the third and final drip campaign creates a sense of urgency by giving a deadline to the users to make that investment now. 

8. Skinny Dip

Source: Moosend

Source: Moosend

This is what Skinny Dip’s drip campaign looked like when they went to check up on their customers and this action is a good feeling. Your customers will always be happy when suddenly out of the bloom you check upon them. The way the content is framed gives you a sense of comforts as you read it.

To top that off, Skinny Dip in its second drip campaign gets its customers to re-engage with their brand by offering the discount advantage and who wouldn’t like a discount?

9. Skinny Dip- 2

Source: Moosend

This is a drip campaign for the cart abandonment that would be taking place at Skinny Dip. The content is small, to the point, and boosts the user’s action to get back to the cart and continue the purchase. 

10. Qualaroo

Source: Moosend

Source: Moosend

Using a drip campaign during your prospect’s onboarding experience is a better option. As you can see, Qualaroo ensured that you and its user receive a good onboarding experience with the brand because this is the first step towards capturing the prospect’s attention for longer and happier with the brand. In the first image, it is evident.

There are three steps to get started on Qualaroo which gets ticked off in three slides. The last slide offered you to take a demo, however, if you haven’t done this action then you will receive an email that is evident in the second image. In the email, it reminds the users that they had signed up earlier with the brand and that they should move ahead with the demo.  

11. Netflix

drip campaign examples
drip campaign examples

Source: Moosend

Netflix plays a great drip campaign game to ensure that those members who have cancelled their subscriptions with them to return. In the first image, you can see that Netflix, confirms the cancellations and insists on clicking the restarting the membership button in case the member changes their mind. 

Even after three months if that member doesn’t return, Netflix will send the second image where brand new movies and TV shows will awaken the interest of the member. Lastly, the third image which has the win back drip campaign will be sent so that the member should be enticed to return to Netflix. 

12. Paul Mitchell

drip campaign examples

Source: Moosend

At times your constant prospect will be the one whose actions will slow down over a period of time, at that time losing them shouldn’t be such an option. As you can see in the image, this drip campaign was sent by the brand Paul Mitchell, where it is using a sad face to the unengaged member.

It even writes a short writeup, in the beginning, stating that they are observing the lesser actions and suddenly another paragraph is present where they entice the member of what they would lose. This is a great way to get connected with your prospects. 

13. Patagonia

drip campaign examples

Source: Moosend

This is an example of weather-based recommendations. For instance, you can try to identify what weather condition it is of your prospect’s location and create a drip campaign accordingly. For instance say you are an e-commerce company that sells different types of clothing for each weather, so when you know that a part of your prospect location is entering into the winter season, you could conduct the above drip campaign action. 

14. Dollar Shave Club

drip campaign examples

Source: Moosend

This is a drip campaign on the basis of cross-selling. Cross-selling takes place when you recommend related products that your prospects have purchased before. For instance, say that your prospect has bought a dandruff shampoo, you could do cross-selling by offering a dandruff conditioner and a hair serum too. This will be a great way to make your prospect invest in your brand’s solution more. 

The Bottom line…

Drip campaigns are a great way to conduct multiple actions with your prospects such as engaging with them, retaining their attention towards your brand, and compelling them to invest in your brand more.

With the above information, you are not all set to get started with drip campaigns. The information provided above will work as a guide to help you get started easily and efficiently.

Why don’t we summarise this article once again to let you remember what all you have covered:

Key Takeaways:
  • Drip campaign sends emails on the basis of the prospect’s action. It is a series of emails that are sent in an automated manner at a scheduled time.
  • Drip campaigns are not trigger emails as with trigger emails the emails are sent just once or twice but with drip campaigns, it is a series
  • Features of drip campaigns are it is relevant, personalized, pre-written, based on user behaviour and more
  • Elements of drip campaigns are triggers, conditions, and actions
  • The importance of drip campaigns is it helps to increase revenue count, enhances CTAs, saves manual effort and more
  • The benefits of drip campaigns are the engagement levels of prospects are more, relevant campaigns are only sent and more
  • To create an effective drip campaign, you need to first create a mailing list, start building email templates, start the beginning flow, add emails and launch the campaign
  • To frame the content in drip campaigns you need to first understand your prospect’s actions. On the basis of that will you be able to create content because, with your content, your prospect will be able to continue their next action
  • You can use drip campaigns for multiple purposes such as welcome email, cart abandonment emails, upgrades from free trial to a paid one, for sales pitches, special discounts offer and more
  • You can track drip campaigns via multiple ways, unsubscription rate over time, end to end conversion rate over time, engagement rate over time and more
  • A/B testing in drip campaigns should take place as it helps to enhance multiple ways of the way you conduct your drip campaign. It can help you decide which subject line gave you more email open rates and lets you follow it thereafter
  • The best email drip campaign practices are weather recommendations, using seasons to launch a drip campaign, using it to eliminate cart abandonment, using it to just check up on prospects, checking up on prospects whose activities are reduced and more

So, when are you planning to start your effective drip campaign activities? To learn more about such topics, do stay tuned at OutreachPlus.

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