12 Abandoned Cart Email Examples You Can Use Right Now

Oh did your prospect just leave something in their cart?

Oh wait, did they forget about it or just changed their mind?

Whatever may be the reason not doing anything about this issue, can be a huge issue for your brand.

‘’E-Commerce Brands Lose $18 Billion in Sales Revenue Each Year Because of Cart Abandonment.’’ 

And we can only imagine the number for other different brands in the market.

This is an issue and you might think that it can be rectified, but the sad truth is even if you think that sending abandoned cart emails can help you, at times it fails because you are not doing it right.

Sending abandoned cart emails are a great way to capture the attention of the prospects and make them return to the cart, but you would have experienced that sometimes it doesn’t work the way you expected.

But with this article, this issue is being resolved. We understand it isn’t easy to multiple abandoned cart emails, but what if we told you that you can create the right one each time?

This article can guarantee you that your cart abandonment will reduce and you can go on to become a pro in the creation of abandoned cart email.

All you need to do is follow the steps and information this article will provide you:

Table of Contents:

1 . What do you mean by abandoned cart emails?

2. Why do your prospects abandon their carts?

3. How to create an effective abandoned cart email strategy which will work in 2020?

4. 12 Abandoned Cart Email Examples You Can Use Right Now

5. When is the right time to conduct this abandoned cart email activity?

6. How can you measure abandoned cart email activities?

It’s time to stop your prospects from abandoning carts and converting every decision into a conversion opportunity.

Let’s get you started.

What do you mean by abandoned cart emails?

Have you ever scrolled through your grocery app or your other favourite application, added something in your cart, and then maybe knowingly or unknowingly left it as it is?

If you have, you would have certainly received an email saying that your attention is required for the cart that you’ve left there?

This is exactly what would happen with your prospects as well.

They would have added something in their cart and left it abandoned. The email that they receive is called abandonment cart emails.

These are emails that work as a trigger that could help the prospect to come back and make a purchase. 

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You are aware that your prospects today operate everything online and in their chaotic world, they get a few opportunities to buy something online or just casually view any online application. At this time, they could be at work when scrolling or adding in their cart and suddenly they could have forgotten about it as their attention was diverted into something else.

In times like this, a notification in the form of abandoned cart emails can bring their lost attention back and make them complete their purchase. The statistics are proof, ‘’45% of all cart abandonment emails are opened, 21% of all cart abandonment emails are clicked and 50% of those clicks lead to a recovered purchase back on site.’’

This means that you can eliminate cart abandonment with such an email solution. While we have stated that this could be one reason for cart abandonment, you’ll be surprised to know that there is a lot more for this abandonment action to take place.

Let’s get into the depth of the issue.

Why do your prospects abandon their carts?

1. Distractions

As stated earlier, distractions are the number one reason why abandoned carts take place. Maybe the prospect was conducting at work and suddenly got called by a colleague, or when your prospect is sitting on a bus and when they had to get it down, they closed their screen. The reasons are multiple.

Distractions for any kind stops the prospect from its current activity and ensures that they would remember about it early but then a lot comes in the way. 

2. Forgot about it

When your prospects are caught up in so much work or other activities, the thought of them thinking that they left something in cart won’t strike them until something reminds them of it such as the abandonment cart emails. As stated earlier, the multiple numbers of distractions are the cause which makes prospects forget to get back to the cart. 

3. Website issues

If your website is slow, your prospects are not going to like it. For instance, say that your prospects just discovered about your brand and have started to scroll and add items in their cart. Now when they checkout and find out that your website is taking too long to respond they will back away. ‘’57 Percent of Shoppers Will Abandon if They Have to Wait Three Seconds for a Page to Load.’’

4. Price costs

If your products are too expensive and are not worth the prices being set or have no offers, your prospects would leave. No one likes to spend so much when they are aware that the same product is available elsewhere for less or that there are no offers. Price costs matter and if prospects don’t see any value, they will walk away. 

5. Difficult checkout process

If prospects have to fill out a long-form or enter multiple details in the checkout process, they will abandon the cart. It is 2020 and if you want to excel better than your competitors, your prospect experience with your brand needs to be a breeze. This applies to your checkout process as well. 

6. Casual browsing

Not all your prospects will invest in your brand for the purpose of investing or purchasing. Some of them would have heard about your brand and would be casually browsing. These are prospects that might not be a hot lead but have the possibility to become one. Such prospects will continue for hours to view every product in the store and would walk out with nothing in cart. A few would add in carts and might not come in a long time. 

7. Comparison shopping

Another reason is comparison shopping, here is when your brand and your competitors are being compared. Prospects would add certain items in the cart and check the price that they will pay for it, any additional costs too will be seen and then prospects will compare. So in this case prospects would have left some items in the cart and may not revert to purchase it.

8. Wasn’t ready to purchase

There are times where a prospect would add some things in the cart and maybe purchase them for a later date say when they get their payment or maybe next week and other reason. This doesn’t really state that they won’t purchase, but at the moment they would abandon the cart for a later date. 

9. Forcing prospects to purchase

There are times where brands would just have multiple pop-ups and multiple notifications to force a prospect to buy from them. Well, prospects hate that and this is another reason why cart abandonment happens most of the time. Your prospects need to take their time to understand your brand and build their trust to invest in you and if you are going to keep forcing them to invest in you, they will just walk away.

10. No free shipping

Who doesn’t like free shipping? And if your competitor is providing that and you’re not, your prospects are going to walk away. Free shipping messages can compel your prospects to invest and buy more since there are no shipping charges. Trust us this works like a charm. When you enter anything with the word ‘free’, prospects are going to invest their time in it more. 

11. Payment option

At times some brands don’t offer the payment option which a few prospects would have. Their payment option would be too limited and that would be another reason why a few of your prospects would leave the cart abandoned. 

12. Security doubts

Security matters for any of your prospects who wishes to engage with your brand online. When they find something suspicious, that could make them want to step away from their cart. You are aware that the online world is growing with hackers and even a small suspicious activity can turn your prospects away in seconds. Ensure that your security measures which you undertake are being showcased and managed well.

Now that you understand how important the issue of cart abandonment is, it is time that you start to adopt the effective techniques to get started with it. 

How to create an effective abandoned cart email strategy which will work in 2020?

1. Segmenting prospects and sending relevant emails

The number one factor you need to get started with your cart abandonment emails is to first differentiate your abandoners. You are aware that you need to send relevant emails in order to cater to your such prospects and you cannot send anything and everything just because a cart has been abandoned. 

The more personalized your emails are, the better are your chances of taping them in. For instance, say that you have two prospects who have abandoned the cart, first you need to identify why they did this, one prospect could have been distracted while the other is taking time to make that purchase. 

So your email would be created in such a manner where the first prospect would receive an email content where their attention would be brought back and the second email would be sent to that prospect to push them to make that purchase.

2. Create a better subject line

Subject lines matter and they matter the most because that is what prospects will see when they open your email. Your prospects would be receiving multiple emails each day and for them to click on the cart abandonment email you sent them is necessary for them in order to get back to the cart.

As stated in the first pointer, when you understand or rather identify what phase your prospects are you will be able to send them a relevant email. When this happens your subject line too will be changed or modified. Now when you are aware that your prospect has moved away from the cart because of some distraction, your subject line would help them understand the same.

For instance, ‘you forgot something in your cart’, or ‘come back, your cart is waiting for you’ and similar more. Now when the prospect realizes the subject line, they are bound to click because they are remembered of their action and that is what is needed.

3. Don’t depend on statistics

‘’90% of your leads go cold within an hour.’’ There is no denial that statistics play a huge role in the actions we conduct but you can’t purely depend on it. The reason being as stated earlier, cart abandonment happens for multiple reasons as you are aware in that case the above-mentioned stats might not be relevant.

You have seen the reasons for cart abandonment, do you think that the reasons and stats go hand in hand? When you are aware for instance that your prospects might require a little more time to make that purchase, you must give them that opportunity to do so. 

4. Make your prospects conduct an action with the email

Do you know that there is another way where you can eliminate your cart abandonment emails? By creating or sending your emails in an action-based manner. This means that what content you mention in the emails need to have an action according to that. For instance, you could send an email stating that your prospect should urgently come and complete the cart purchases for a reason such as offers going on and more.

You could even add the cart link or a CTA button which will guide them towards getting back to the cart page.

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5. Send email series

As stated earlier, the reasons for cart abandonment are evident and you have viewed the same so you are aware that it is better to send cart abandonment emails so that the prospects can come back and conduct the action on the things they added in the cart. Now if you send one email it won’t be enough.

‘’We recommend a series of 3 emails be sent at pre-determined time intervals.’’ The first email which you send out could be a gentle reminder informing or stating that the cart requires their attention. If the prospect does as you say, you need not send more emails. However, if they don’t take any action you can send the second email in a more urgent manner.

Here you would be stating that they need to conduct an action or they would run out of the best deals and similar reasons like this. If they still don’t conduct any action, the third email would be sent with a bonus or incentive attached for the prospect to conduct the action. 

6. State any additional costs

If you intend to add any additional costs such as shipping charges or delivery costs, it would be better if you could state the reason too and why such an amount. This will help your prospects to understand the need for such an action from your end. You can’t just ignore this because it might not go down too well with your prospects. 

If you’re a small brand and you conduct this action, stating that the delivery charges or shipping charges can help cater to your business or your delivery staff, there is no doubt why your prospects won’t pay for it. 

7. Offer multiple payment options

If one prospect uses a debit card, not all of your prospects would do the same. There are multiple digital platforms available and not everyone would use one same thing, there would be other mediums as well hence it is important that you offer the opportunity for your prospects to choose how they wish to conduct their payments. 

8. Use exit-intent pop-ups

Source: Autopilot

This is an example of exit intent pop-ups and it is evident in what it does. This pop up is seen whenever prospects or even you plan to walk away from the cart. A discount like this can boost your actions to make that sale. It is a simple and an easy technique to capture prospects’ attention back to the cart.

9. Speed up your website 

No one likes a slow website. If your prospects have to wait till your collections or product page loads, they are going to just walk away. ‘’57 Percent of Shoppers Will Abandon if They Have to Wait Three Seconds for a Page to Load’’ If you’re using high-quality images ensure that you are doing so with the right sizes, eliminate any activities which would slow down your websites such as web scraping and more. Continue to check your website each day and eliminate any actions that would slow down its process. 

10. Make the checkout process easy

The checkout process needs to be easy, if you’re going to create a complicated one you will be losing a potential sale that was about to take place. Don’t ask for the creation of accounts or any other hassle task, keep it simple and easy such as asking for an email address to update them about your brand and let them proceed further. 

11. Use social proof

Source: WPForms

Social proofs are another reason to successfully win back your prospects. This can be a real deal for your prospects who are unsure about making that purchase with the lists they stated in the cart. Social proofs as stated in the image is a testimonial or rather an action that the previous prospect has conducted. It is human tendency to conduct an action just because the other person has conducted, this exactly what the presence of social proof aims to do. 

12. Offer discounts

Discounts are another way to get your prospects to complete the cart purchase. Throw in a good deal or a discount that would make them complete the cart purchase such as if you buy now, you will have 10% off from your bill or similar actions like this. 

13. Conducting emails in a responsive manner

Another important factor you need to conduct is to ensure that your emails are responsive on any of the devices which your prospects are using be it a smartphone, tab, or desktop. You need to understand that today prospects can send and receive emails on the go and in this case if you don’t create one which is responsive to that device, you can go on to lose your prospects. 

You have the effective strategies ready, now you need to start implementing them. It might be new for you, which is why we like to show you a few examples to help you get started with it.

12 Abandoned Cart Email Examples You Can Use Right Now

1. Evil Queen

Evil Queen is the perfect example of a good subject line. A good subject line will allow more open rates.

Here is an example:

As you can see in the image above, this is the perfect example of what a subject line should look like. It is simple and captures the prospect’s attention immediately. The last questions ‘still want them? Get them before they’re gone’ creates a sense of urgency which would compel the prospect to take the action sooner.

Here are a few examples of a good subject line:

  • Finch, we’ve saved your cart 🤙
  • Did you forget about me, Finch? 😱
  • We’re ready if you’re ready.
  • Lemme Teleport You Back To Your Cart. Free of Charge.
  • Your electric toothbrush is waiting (with a free refill).
  • Finch, your cart is wondering where you went ❤️
  • Your cart MADE us send this reminder 🙂
  • Is your wi-fi ok?

Remember to keep your subject line simple and for the purpose of informing your prospect. 

2. Bearsville Soap Company

This brand is a great example of a good call to action example. 

Your CTAs need to start voiding words such as buy or pay and instead switch to the above mentioned CTA, return. The reason being the use of CTA is to make sure your prospect conducts some action. And when you use words like the image above illustrates, you are compelling them to return to their cart at that very moment. 

3. ThinkGeek

In your abandoned cart emails, another factor that contributes to the success of this email is the copy. Your copy is the factor that will make your prospects continue further to return to the cart.

In this copy, the reference has been made to the Lord of the Rings movies, with their subject line. The copy is short and to the point and speaks of what the brand sells as well. It has a slight humour and states the main objective of the email is to remind the prospects that they have missed out on their cart activities.

When you decide to create an impactful copy, you need to aim for three things, one is letting the prospect know that they have left something in the cart, second, is they need to conduct the action with a purchase and third is making them feel that a valuable product is lying in their cart and they need to purchase it. 

4. ThredUp

The next abandoned cart example is to showcase your product. This is important because you need to make it clear to your prospect what they have missed or will miss. This is a great way to use emotions to capture the prospect’s attention to conduct an action. 

In this image, this brand puts forth the things which were left in the cart so that the minute the prospect sees it they understand or are reminded of it. The brand also uses short powerful content to let the prospects realize that they understand their actions. Lastly, the CTA used is different and makes the prospect hit that button. 

5. Sugarbearhair

For attracting your prospects better, using high-quality visuals can do the job for you. Multiple prospects would see how great the product image looks and on the basis of that, make their purchase, this is exactly what you need to do as well.

Sugar bear hair vitamins do a great job in its visuals, it even makes use of gifs which is another factor to retain the attention of the prospects. It explains the urgency to buy the product and also lets you speak to their support so that whatever doubts you have will be cleared. Since this is a medical form of product, putting support numbers can spark a communication and in turn making the purchase later. 

6. GoogleStore

Creating an urgency is another great trick to make your prospects complete the cart activities. The urgency will make the prospect feel that they need to get this item and immediately make that purchase. When you create such a sense of urgency, you need to make the prospect visualize what would happen if they miss out on this, they should realize that they can’t miss out on such a product and need to get it soon. 

As you can see with Google store, the design is simple and the content and the product are being highlighted. In simple content, they stated why the prospect needs to make the purchase right now. On the top right-hand side, they have also stated the free shipping option which is another factor that can help the prospect to make that purchase.

7. Vans

Another way to entice your prospects to capture their attention to return to the cart is to give them something in return. It could be anything like offers, discounts and also another alternative. 

As you can see there are suggestions which would compel your prospects to make another purchase or choose something in return. Maybe your prospect would have abandoned the cart because they didn’t quite like the product, but when you list out such alternatives, chances are you can get them to scroll more and finally give them something which matches their expectations.

8. Whiskey Loot

You need to give your prospects the answer to why they should purchase your solution. The easiest way is to define the product they have added in the cart. Sometimes you don’t have to put more effort into getting your prospect to return to the cart, all you need to do is tell them or rather give them insights on what they can do with your product. 

Abandoned Cart Email Examples

Look at this, this is the perfect example of why you can buy this product right now. It just blends so well and by the end, all you need to do is press that CTA button. It is simple, interesting, and relevant content that will push your prospect to make that purchase.

9. BrookLinen

This brand speaks well about using reviews and social proof to entice the prospect to return to their cart. Reviews and social proofs are a great way to attract your prospect’s attention and clear all their doubts. This is exactly why referrals are important for a brand when you know that someone has bought the same product, you too will do the same.

Abandoned Cart Email Examples

This is an excellent strategy to get your prospects to make that purchase. It is simple, to the point and the presence of the positive review is enough to make that revenue getting generated. Even the discount of 10% and free shipping is an offer that no prospect can reject.

10. Lime Crime

You know your prospects are walking away from the cart, do you know what can stop them, a coupon. Yes, a coupon, who doesn’t like something more or rather something extra with their purchase. But you need to know when to place that coupon, this is important because you need to hit it at the right time, where the prospect will have no choice but to turn around and make that purchase. 

Abandoned Cart Email Examples

Woah, look at that coupon content, 15% off, like seriously, this will for sure make your prospect turn around multiple times. This coupon is reasonable with what it’s offering and at the right place where the prospect stands no chance of saying a no.

These examples can guide you as you continue to work on creating the best cart abandonment email, but how will you know when you have to send it in order for it to impact your prospects?

11. Lush

Another factor that you need to keep in mind is that whatever cart abandoned activities you’re conducting, all of that needs to be done even in a mobile. You need to optimize this action for mobile users as well. This makes sense because viewing emails is no longer a computer thing, it can be seen, viewed, replied on the go.

Abandoned Cart Email Examples

It is not too crowded, the fonts are fine, the images are pleasant, and it would look just like it would when viewed without your phone. This is exactly what you need to do. Another reason why you need to optimize for mobiles is because today everything is done with the click of a button, there are chances that while your prospect receives this email, they make the cart purchase there itself. 

12. Quip

Yes CTA’s are a God gift because they can make your prospect take an action immediately but that doesn’t mean you put it everywhere and anywhere, you just need one and that one is impactful in itself. Keep your CTAs simple and easy.

Abandoned Cart Email Examples

Just one CTA doing what it does better, making the prospect hit that button. It is simple, easy, and to the point. The content above is adding the difference and the next action it needs to do is click on the CTA.

When is the right time to conduct this abandoned cart email activity?

These stats are according to Rejoiner.

1. You need to send your first abandoned cart email one hour after the abandonment takes place. There are multiple reasons why cart abandonment takes place which you’re fully aware of. Give the prospects time, they might revert sooner than you think. 

2. If you think that responding to prospects immediately after their cart abandonment will help, you are wrong because it can lead to lower conversion rates and if you continue to delay it for more than an hour or hours together, it can continue to get worse.

3. Sending one email isn’t enough, go on to send two more emails which makes it three in total so that your revenue count can be increased.

Abandoned Cart Email Examples

As you can see in the image, the open rates are taking place, clicks are happening and revenue is still in good numbers. 

4. Send your abandoned cart emails at the right time to have more value to this action. Studies have shown that the best days to cater to abandoned cart emails are ‘’Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’’ and the best times are ‘’10 am, between 8 pm and midnight and also at 6 a.m.’’

This information which you have just seen will help you understand how you can align your abandoned cart emails better. Now that you can conduct this action, it is important that you are able to calculate it as well. Calculating the cart abandonment rate can help you make faster decisions and immediately bring you back on track with immediate solutions. 

How can you measure abandoned cart email activities?

1. The first way to measure your cart abandonment cart email activities is to keep a track of your website activities. Understand the performance and what is making your prospects walk-in or invest in their cart actions. This will help you calculate the rate and conduct relevant and immediate abandoned cart email activity.

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2. Conduct A/B testing for all your email actions such as choosing the right subject line, copy length, tone, preheaders, and more. A/B testing gives you the actions you need to conduct which will work better. It is framed according to the behaviour patterns of the prospects which will in turn help you to cater to them better.

3. Keeping a track of the abandoned cart emails you’ve sent is another way to measure your success of reduced cart abandonment. You can identify what email worked well and could follow that pattern. 

The Bottom Line…

Cart abandonment can be eliminated and with the information provided above you too can get started with it.

Before you can get started, let’s take a quick summarization:

Key takeaways:

1 . Abandoned cart emails are sent to notify the prospect to revert to the cart and complete the purchase activities

2. The reason for high cart abandonment is distractions, additional charges, hectic checkout process, website issues, casual browsing and more

3. To create an effective abandoned cart email, you need to first categorize your prospects and accordingly send the relevant email, state the details for any additional cost that has been listed, ensure that your website is running well, creating better subject lines, sending email series and more

4. The 12 abandoned cart email examples you saw were Lush, Google Store, Quip, Vans, Evil Queen and more

5. The right time to send abandoned cart emails is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The best times are 6 am, 10 am and more

6. You can measure your abandoned cart emails via A/B testing, keeping track of the performance and more

So, tell us what do you think of this article? Was it helpful? How do you plan to get started with it? Do you have anything to add as well? We would like to hear your opinion.

And to receive more such insightful topics, watch out for OutreachPlus often.

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