The 11 Best Cold Sales Blogs Around Us

The 10 Best Cold Sales Blogs Around Us

Be that the doctrines of sales stay the same, the actual strategies and tactics vary a lot. Whatever seemed fine to you just a few years ago may have now become grossly outdated. When it is about the sales, unless you are right at the cutting edge, you’re to struggle to make the quota. 

And the above part is more evident to the world of cold sales than anywhere else. Technologies shift every day and the ideas and subject lines that used to work like magic earlier are of no use in attracting even the simplest of responses.

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Around such a scenario, to become an expert in the fields of Cold Sales you are supposed to update your skills consistently. A bright part of the above is that with the advancement of technology, you also get to get better education about how to improve your skills and keep updated about the online trends and strategies that are cutting edge.

For now, we are enlisting the best available blogs over the topic of Cold Sales, which can educate you to the upfront scenarios in the subject and get you to know what you are supposed to know in order to be an expert of the Cold Sales.

  1. LeadFuze
  2. Sales Hacker
  3. Salesflare
  4. G2
  5. Hubspot
  6. Close
  7. SaaStr
  8. Predictable Revenue
  9. Gong
  10. Sales Gravy
  11. Omnisend

11 Best Cold Sales Blogs

1. LeadFuze

Who: LeadFuze is one of the central generation software that aggregates the world’s professional data and the enterprises they engage with. It is one of the best sources to give you an easy way to develop the most targeted, and apt list of the leads imaginable.

Why you should check it out: According to its website it exemplifies itself so: “Justin McGill is the Founder of LeadFuze and is determined to kill the cold call. We plan on doing it with punchy, to the point, easy to implement tactics, drenched with useful visuals. Informal, personal, conversational tone.”

This blog is separated into useful helpful categories like Behind the Scenes, Lead Generation Strategies, Sales Skills, and Sales Terminology. You can read the insights from the rest of the LeadFuze team along with the guests. The posts on this blog are themselves into holding most of what you need to know about cold sales from getting started to top-level strategies.

The available articles are about the overall best practices and important questions on specific practices. It covers multiple purposes: You may wish to just top-up your cold call skills, or you are a newbie who is speculating about personalized images in emails or so – in both cases the blog provides you a set of knowledge that is comprehensive as well as compact.

Top cold sales post: Email Subject Lines: 5 proven methods for mastering sales-centric subject lines

This is a quick reading from Josh Sloane, who advises you on how to write suitable subject lines. You may begin to practice that right away. 

2. Sales Hacker

Who: Sales Hacker is now the world’s biggest community for B2B sales. Max Altschuler, the company’s founder and CEO, also holds the VP position for Marketing at They produce a lot of content on, which enlightens others about the best practices to apply in Cold Sales.

Why you should check it out: The site is a fountain of great information. It includes strictly top-notch content that is published consistently throughout the week. It also produces more categories than anywhere else on the internet.  Every thinkable aspect of the sales process, from technology to mindset, it covers them all.  Max has a lot of guests who add their expertise here. Therefore, whatever your part in cold sales, you find a great pond of content to dip in.

Top cold sales post: Cold Outreach Pro Tips (6 Horror-Movie Villains You Don’t Want to Be) 

This is a guest post by Becc Holland. It leads to numerous genuine insights in cold outreach while keeping a very entertaining tone.

3. Salesflare

Who: Salesflare puts themselves to be a simple yet powerful CRM for small B2B sectors. It’s a zero-input sales pipeline tool and it needs no data entry from outside.

Why you should check them out: Instead of general sales advice, Salesflare is particular about the small sized B2B business to focus upon. A lot of posts are there targeting utilities of small businesses to help them grow. Mostly the cold sales experts are working to enhance this blog. Hence, there is very high quality professional content that assures you of deep knowledge. Informative nature of this blog is helpful to newbies with a lot of Knowledge bombs, GIFs, pictures and examples to clear out the way.  

Top cold sales post: The Subtle Art Of Following Up With Automation 

Produced by the Salesflare Growth Strategist, Gilles DC, this is a comprehensive guide to follow-ups, which combines answering every question that you may have imagined. The level of knowledge and information reaches as high as it goes, while the simplicity of the post is unmatched too.

4. G2 

Who: G2 (formerly titled as G2 Crowd) is a reservoir for business software and the services reviews. They put themselves like this: “We’re changing the way decisions are made. Until recently, selecting business solutions was hard, risky, and inherently biased. G2’s real-time and unbiased user reviews help you objectively assess what is best for your business.”

Why you should check them out: With the background of software reviews, it sticks to sales advice. Widely used by many, G2 attempts to segregate what tools are right to add to the sales stack. Yet they have much more to list on the blog. Their categories range from design and productivity to management, while they offer a large number of posts on sales to help learners get the information about latest behaviors in Sales Trade.

Top cold sales post: Avoid Bad Sales Practices With Psychological Email Techniques

James Riddle writes par ground level tips. He leads you to the underlying psychological triggers that help you grip the readers and create more effective cold emails. 

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5. Hubspot

Who: Hubspot is about marketing, sales, and service software that, as they say, “helps your business grow without compromise.” 

Why you should check them out: Hubspot holds a position with a high reputation to provide and create some of the best educational content on their subjects. They have plenty of blog posts. Their presentation is superb with many templates and examples to let you be informed deeply and start right away with skilled sales writing. The infographics help visually to carry the underlying message easily. You can filter not only by topic (Marketing, Service, Website and, Sales), but you can also manually check the topics of your concerns. To include moreover, you can choose which level you would like to be informed about – be a beginner or an expert.

Top cold sales post: 5 Reasons Your Objection Handling is Falling Short (And How to Fix It)

Here, Jeff Seely teaches how to handle objections; this is something that comes up a lot in cold sales. Handling objections without getting defensive or negative is most important to stay in the right frame during the whole deal-making process.

6. Close

Who: Close is a CRM known for startups and SMBs. It is designed to be easy to use, though it has a lot of sets to make it a powerful set of tools for any workflow.

Why you should check them out: Close has a high reputation for top-notch content for sales teams. Steli Efti, the CEO, shares his contemporary insights on B2B sales, which includes free ebooks – a great way to stay in touch with current and up to date. Close blog is filled with mostly practical and executive advice for cold sales. A wide variety of topics are covered from big-picture planning to the keenly drafted specific tricks and tips that play a vital role in sales skills. 

Top cold sales post: 36 B2B cold calling tips for sales success in 2020.

Ramin Assemi presents it as the post that falls in ‘greatest hits’ of the best posts on improving your cold calling from this blog. From creating a sales script to handling the aggressive prospects – it gives you a comprehensive understanding of how you get through the hurdles that most people struggle with. 

7. SaaStr

Who: SaaStr is a huge, possibly largest, community of SaaS entrepreneurs. It is known for top-quality events all around the world.

Why you should check them out: From a simple blog sharing, it has become an essential part of reading for every SaaS enthusiast. However, even if SaaS is not your domain of work, you still have much to learn from here. 

Jason shares his experiences and strategies here with others. The founders and sales leaders can learn a lot from many easy to find posts around this blog. An easy search function allows you to filter the posts for the company stage, your part, and other specific topics. 

Top cold sales post: 10 Things New Sales Reps Are Taught. That Maybe They Shouldn’t Be.

Jason focuses on ideas that are commonly passed on to new sales reps. Take for example ‘insta-discounting’ and competition bashing. Instead of giving you guidelines or manuals, he sets you straight to what you indeed should be doing right away.

8. Predictable Revenue

Who: From the creators of the popular book of the same title, this team of creators trains you as well as provides some invaluable outsourced sales services. 

Why you should check them out: The book Predictable Revenue, originally released in 2011, is widely revered. It is a guidebook for the top Silicon Valley companies. Since they published the book, they’ve kept producing such content for anyone willing to learn in the sales domain. 

Including latest podcast interviews, the blog highlights the ideas that salespeople need to be aware of.  The strategies they implement to perform are set to stay at the top of their game. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, they updated with insights to help sales teams to adapt to the new normal. 

Top cold sales post: 5 Tips to Building Rapport on a Cold Call

Cold calls are infamously difficult but are a necessary part of the job for salespeople. Sujan Patel here talks of fundamentals of succeeding in cold sales calls counting five important ways to do the stuff.

9. Gong

Who: Gong is a revenue intelligence platform for sales teams. It offers knowledge for customer interactions. To make data-based decisions to improve their sales strategy, this is a very helpful place.

Why you should check them out: The Gong blog is more data driven than any other we mentioned. It excludes the old tips and tricks and keeps you into analyzing their own data to find good analysis and original insights that you won’t find anywhere else. The blog goes into minute detail, from the ways for managers to handle remote one-on-ones, to the cases when you should bring up pricing in your sales calls. 

Top cold sales post: This (Surprising) Cold Email CTA Will Help You Book A LOT More Meetings

Improving emails, and getting the CTA right is essential for a sales email. Gong’s post on cold email CTAs here specifically looks over 300,000 emails. They pinpoint the best of CTA for both cold emails and emails in a normal sales cycle. 

10. Sales Gravy

Who: Founded in 2006 by Jeb Blount, Sales Gravy offers training and enablement solutions for various sales organizations. 

Why you should check them out: Jeb Blount, the person behind the Fanatical Prospecting, and various other books, is an expert on sales. His blog is a thorough and comprehensive reservoir for learners to improve upon and fill the top of their sales funnel. It has thousands of posts and videos.

Covering prospecting and sales team management, specific techniques, and tricks for multi-channel campaigns, Jeb, with many other sales experts from numerous industries, brings diverse views.

Top cold sales post: Win The Internal Game: 3 Forces That Drive Your Behavior

While gathering some neat little tips and tricks, it goes far widely useful to identify and master the major strategies affecting overall sales performances. In reality, it takes more effort to implement than thinking of some quick handy tactic. That is where Mark Heerema’s post covers the laborious part in detail. It is about the underlying forces behind sales that run the scenarios as they appear to us from above. 

11. Omnisend

Omnisend is an all-in-one marketing automation platform built for ecommerce. It covers all ecommerce business needs from email capture and email campaigns to launching behavior-based automations and comprehensive reporting.

If you’re a sales-driven online business, Omnisend is a great choice because the platform and features are specifically geared towards the various channels (email, SMS, web push notifications) involved in ecommerce marketing.

In-depth and simple to install integrations with leading ecommerce platforms, like Shopify, Shopify Plus, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Magento and others makes it incredibly easy to switch from whatever ESP to Omnisend. Check out some of the best WooCommerce extensions.


Cold Sales is always a challenging field. However, one can make it handy by staying on top of the latest trends and strategies. Regularly investing little time in learning from experts is a sure way to sharpening your skills on the fastest. Above blogs, each one of top-notch quality, brings you to the fastest and most comprehensive knowledge over the sales domain – all you need to do is to be constant with reads that they offer, and enhance yourself upon it.  

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